Thursday, April 9, 2020
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‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ Is now Streaming on Netflix

One of the best movies out there is now streaming on Netflix. Check it out!

“Candyman” Release Date Pushed to September

Candyman had an original release date of June 12th but will now be showing in theaters right before Halloween.

AMC Gets Ratings Downgrade, May Not be Able to Recover From Shut Down

Debt ratings agency downgraded their ratings which will make AMC's recovery much harder.

New MCU Premiere Date Line Up Announced

Disney/Marvel have pushed back most MCU films.

‘Black Widow’ Release Date Pushed Back as Disney Rearranges Schedule

Black Widow is now pushed back to later this year as Disney scrambles to rearrange the entire MCU lineup.

AMC CEO Reveals When He Thinks Theaters Will Begin to Reopen

Adam Aron the CEO of AMC revealed today in an interview with CNBC when he thinks that theaters will begin to open.

Fans Vote For Keanu Reeves to Play Johnny Blaze/Ghostrider in the MCU

Fans are rallying for Keanu Reeves to become Marvel's next Ghostrider. Picking up the role of Johnny Blaze seems like a good fit for him.

Disney May Release Both “Black Widow” and “Mulan” On Digital and Disney+

Disney may be considering putting out both these big budget films on Video on Demand this year. Considering theaters are going to remain closed for a while this may be a smart move.

Sony Officially Moving Back Release Dates for “Morbius”, “Ghostbusters” & More

Sony has moved back release dates for films all the way into next year.

Dwayne Johnson Confirms ‘Hobbs & Shaw 2’ is in Development

Dwayne Johnson confirms that "Hobbs & Shaw 2" is in development.

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