Friday, November 22, 2019

Movie Review: Kakegurui

Fans of anime and the manga-series Square Enix will have been delighted to hear the news that a full-length film was in the offing and Kakegurui definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Bob’s Burgers Movie Pulled From Release Schedule

The Bob's Burgers movie is no longer on the release schedule for next year.

The Grudge Trailer is Giving Us Chills

Are you ready for the newest trailer of The Grudge because it is here and ready to leave you with chills. We are finding ourselves in a familiar place that reminds us of the original, but hopefully much better.

Venom 2 Starts Production Today

Venom 2 started production today.

Keanu Reeves is a Wise Sage in The Next Spongebob Movie

Keanu Reeves plays a wise sage-brush in the new Spongebob movie

Alan Horn Says The Mandalorian Could Get His Own Movie

Alan Horn said that The Mandalorian may see a theatrical release.

Pedro Pascal Confirmed to Play Maxwell Lord in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Pedro Pascal has been confirmed to play Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984

Tom Holland’s Next Film ‘Cherry’ is Looking for Extras

Tom Holland's next film Cherry is looking for some extras

Disney Submits Avengers Cast for Oscar Nominations

Disney has officially submitted their list of actors that should be considered for this grand honor.

The New Sonic Trailer is Everything We Wanted

The new sonic trailer is everything we wanted!

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