Monday, August 19, 2019

Costco is Selling 27lb Buckets of Macaroni & Cheese to Ruin Your New Year’s Diet

Hey so the holidays are over! Time to get back in shape and cut the carbs right? Well Costco has other plans for us. Along with selling a 7lb Container of Nutella they are also now selling a 27lb Bucket of Chef's...

Walmart to Sell Bouquets of Reeses & Other Favorites for Valentines

It's already the middle of January and that means it's time to get ramped up for the next holiday of the year. Valentine's day! If you haven't already started seeing advertising from retailers you are sure to now as we enter the...

Nestle Releases Caffeinated Chocolate Chips!

Nestle Steps up their morning game with Espresso Morsels for baking

Sour Patch Kids Blue/Red Bags and Their Other Summer Treats!

If you love red or blue sour patch kids than man are you in luck! Sour patch kids has announced that they will be selling bags of only blue or red exclusively at 7-Eleven. So if you plan on having an epic...

Costco is Selling Adult “Otter Pops” in Different Flavors of Wine

If you grew up in the 90's odds are you know what an Otter Pop is. And if you grew up in the 90's you are an adult with adult likes now. Costco is now selling Wine Pops for the summer that...

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

With the increase in prices for not only day tickets but also annual passes there is going to be a big void left for many a Disneyland goer. Including myself whose pass is just about to expire. Fortunately though because of Mickey's...

Sugarfina x Nintendo is the Sweetest Collab We’ve Seen Yet

Sugarfina has teamed up with Nintendo to bring you the best gamer gifts ever!

Carl’s Jr. Launching CBD-Infused Burger in Denver

Carl's Jr. will be the first official fast food chain in the Country to jump on the 4/20 celebration by creating a CBD infused product. Carl's Jr. announced that this saturday only at the 4050 Colorado Blvd., in Denver, Colorado location will...

This Shredder Cheese Grater is Every Homeowners Dream

Growing up and collecting Ninja Turtles and Sailor Moon I never dreamed that someday my kitchen could have utensils that doubled as collectors pieces. Now that I am older I see new kitchen items everyday that would make my life better and...

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