Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Josue’s Cakes Are a Pop Culture Fans Dream

I first stumbled upon my first vision of Josue Luciano's cake decorating skills while browsing a Pokemon Fan Group on Facebook. It's one thing to build a giant diorama out of cake which a lot of baking shows do, and another to...

Sugarfina x Nintendo is the Sweetest Collab We’ve Seen Yet

Sugarfina has teamed up with Nintendo to bring you the best gamer gifts ever!

7 New Flavors of Peeps Coming Out Including Pancakes & Syrup

It's nearing Easter now and Peeps has decided that they would expand on the popular brands pallet by adding some intriguing new flavors. If you love the food coloring flavored little marshmallows than you may enjoy what else they have coming out...

Pringles Releasing Mac ‘N Cheese and Bacon Flavors

Pringles is bringing back some flavors sold exclusively at Dollar General

New Zero and Scary Teddy S&P Shakers Are a Must Have

There are some new Nightmare Before Kitchenware items that you will want to take home with you!

Guildhall E-Sports Bar

This Southern California Bar introduces Gaming, Board game, Geek Aesthetic provides a place to relax and have fun There has alway been a tough choice to make: whether to stay home in a comfortable environment and relax...

Ben & Jerry’s Wants to Launch CBD Infused Ice Cream As Soon As It’s Legal

"We are committed to bringing CBD-infused ice cream to your freezer as soon as it's legalized at the federal level" In a statement made Thursday (May 30th), Ben & Jerry's let's us know on their very own...

This New Stormtrooper Geeki Tiki is a Must Have!

There is a new geeki tiki and we absolutely love it!

Heinz Releases Fanciest Ketchup in Caviar Form

If you ever wanted to really one up your spouse or significant other here is a great way to do it. Person 1: Did you want some ketchup on your burger?Person 2: Yes Please!P1: Did you want the...

Time To Get Drunk Off Applebee’s $1 Vampire Cocktail

Applebee’s has a new menu item that will definitely get you slammed, for decent price too.

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