Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Here’s How to Order a Joker Frappe From Starbucks

Here's how to order this secret menu item from Starbucks

Costco is Selling Pumpkin Pie in Tubs

Costco is selling tubs of pumpkin pie filling

Make Red Velvet Zombie Guts For Halloween Breakfast!

You can make your own red velvet zombie guts for a halloween breakfast treat!

Frozen Themed Bottles Are Sure To Keep Your Drinks Cold!

What’s better than cute fan paraphernalia than cute and functional fan paraphernalia??

Costco is Selling Pumpkins & Bats Ravioli!

Costco is now selling ravioli shaped like pumpkins and bats!

Eat Your Drinks With Glenlivet’s Whiskey Pods

Glenlivet Whiskey has announced a new line of edible cocktail pods

New Cream Soda Dr. Pepper Reportedly on Its Way

Dr. Pepper's Original and Diet Flavor
Dr. Pepper will come out with it's newest flavor, Cream Soda, as soon as March 2020!

Most Stuff Oreos Back by Popular Demand

Most Stuff Oreos are back baby!

New STAR WARS Cookware Coming This November!

This may be the best cookware we've ever seen

Time To Get Drunk Off Applebee’s $1 Vampire Cocktail

Applebee’s has a new menu item that will definitely get you slammed, for decent price too.

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