Author: Shannon Lee

Hey, my name's Shannon. I like Anime, Manga, and Sci-fi and fantasy things. I love building cosplay's and weapons, and I like to fiddle with electrical devices. Also, I'm basically a Hobbit. Fight me.

Do you enjoy the ‘slice of life’ genre? Are you looking for a simple manga about two cute high school girls living together? Then this is the series for you! Futaribeya: A Room For Two is a flowery story about two first year high school girls who must share a tiny room at their schools boarding house. Sakurako, meaning “cherry blossom child”, is the typical shy girl, who is forced to move in with a roommate she has never met, Kasumi, which comes from ‘ka’ meaning flower and ‘sumi’ meaning pure. They turn out to be complete opposites. The manga…

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