Author: Shannon Lee

Hey, my name's Shannon. I like Anime, Manga, and Sci-fi and fantasy things. I love building cosplay's and weapons, and I like to fiddle with electrical devices. Also, I'm basically a Hobbit. Fight me.

Do you enjoy the ‘slice of life’ genre? Are you looking for a simple manga about two cute high school girls living together? Then this is the series for you! Futaribeya: A Room For Two is a flowery story about two first year high school girls who must share a tiny room at their schools boarding house. The main characters. Sakurako on the left, and Kasumi on the right. Sakurako, meaning “cherry blossom child”, is the typical shy girl, who is forced to move in with a roommate she has never met, Kasumi, which comes from ‘ka’ meaning flower and…

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