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Cristobal Hernandez

Cristobal Hernandez is a Cosplayer, Filmmaker, and Gigantic Nerd from Los Angeles, CA. He's most likely at a convention having his photos taken, filming cosplayers, creating sketches, or playing competitive on Overwatch while crying about how toxic the community is. He also creates content for the official NERDBOT Facebook page and is responsible for that viral video "The Band Of The Spideys".

Disney Monopoly: A Government Investigation

So I’m sure many of you are losing your minds over the recent Disney-Fox Merger. Trust me I have too. I’m still sitting here imaging how Deadpool is going to crossover into the PG-13 movies, when we’ll see the X-Men meet the Avengers, and even the fact we might finally have a good Fantastic Four […]

Happy Birthday Dreamcast

On this exact day, 19 years ago, the SEGA Dreamcast was released in Japan. Little did I know this was going to be one of the most important consoles in my history of gaming. And that would be a great place to start, my history of gaming: I grew up with an NES. I wanted […]