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$1 Million in Prop Money Stolen From Parked Car

A money swipe in Oregon has some criminals looking pretty silly. It is still a serious matter for local merchants however, as the thieves may try to circulate the money. If you’ve ever worked in retail, then you know sometimes as a cashier, you can go on autopilot. Police are warning local businesses to check their bills carefully.

A parked car was broken into on March 31st somewhere on the northside of Newport, OR. These individuals presumably got excited seeing such a large amount of cash, and took the money without first checking it.

Newport Police Department
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The Newport Police Department would like to take this opportunity to warn local businesses and the public about the ‘counterfeit’ money that could begin circulating and to remind all to be diligent, especially in light of this theft, in the proper identification of any currency you take,” the Newport Police said in a statement. “Aside from the obvious print, warning that the currency is for Motion Picture Use only, it will also feel different from authentic U.S. currency.”

Yeah, but how obvious is it this was fake money?

All bills are marked with phrases like ‘for motion picture use only,’ and ‘copy.’ To the naked eye, and from farther away, the money very much looks real. The font used and the placement of the text is supposed to make it look real for film productions. In doing so, it’s no longer just play money, but money that you could probably sneak into the hands of a cashier if you mixed it in with other bills.

Denominations stolen were 100s, 20s, and 10 dollar bills. Police in the area are asking for any leads or tips. If you have any information please contact Officer Jon Humphreys with Newport PD and reference case #22N-00610. 

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