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People of Walmart Coloring, Activity Books Cure Boredom

If you’re looking for something to do that will also make you feel a tiny bit better about not getting dressed for the second day in a row, I think I’ve just found a great option. Two amazing coloring books based on the hit website People of Walmart! Each serves a different purpose. One is a coloring book, which helps soothe stress. The second is an in-activity book that will help cure your boredom.

Check them out below!

People of Walmart Coloring Book

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What’s Inside…

  • 37 of the Most Insane and Wacky People of Walmart
    • Beautiful Abstract Designs with Intricate Details
    • Creative swirls, paisley print and more to keep you occupied for hours

People of In-Activity Book

What’s Inside…

  • ludicrous brain teasers
  • insane mazes
  • fun word searches
  • hilarious hidden picture
  • the wackiest word scrambles
  • hysterical dot to dot
  • crazy crossword puzzles
  • malarkey soaked mad lib
  • quacktastic quizzes
  • walmart would you rather
  • and tons more!

Join the masses and unwind with the People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book and the People of Adult In-Activity Book: Rolling Back Productivity. Simply sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in brain teasing hilarity.

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