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Hybrid Games Get Mixed Reviews Except From The Ones Coming Out Of The iGaming Industry

Over the past few decades, gaming software developers have been on a mission to successfully create hybrid games that blend multiple genres together to offer players something similar yet different. While the execution of hybrid games hasn’t always been great, one gaming niche that has particularly excelled in creating hybrid games is the iGaming sector, which has set a new standard for the gaming community to follow when it comes to this gaming style. Why? Because casino operators blend games with similar themes and audiences, making their attraction more concentrated and widespread.

Hybrid Casino Games

Roulette, in particular, has been at the forefront of this transition in the iGaming industry. Today, there are dozens of variations of casino roulette that combine elements of other games. One example is Playtech’s Live Age of The Gods Roulette game. This hybrid game combines roulette with elements of slots as players access a bonus round which provides them with three spins on a single-line slot machine. These mixed roulette games mark a transition in the online gambling industry, where new variations are emerging all the time, including multi-wheel roulette, which allows bettors to wager on the outcome of six wheels rather than one.

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There are also hybrid roulette games that incorporate both elements of slot games and live casino games. The concept of a live casino is one of the hottest trends in the iGaming industry, allowing players to interact with real dealers via webcam while in the comfort of their own homes. A popular example of this is Playtech’s Live Spin and Win Roulette game. This hybrid casino game merges a roulette wheel with some of the best spin-to-win slot features and is operated by real dealers in a studio.

Other Types Of Hybrid Games

With the success of hybrid casino games, many video game developers have tried their luck in this area. However, just like Hollywood adaptations of video game franchises, hybrid video games have seen many failures during their lifetime. In part, this is due to poor execution, but it’s also because mash-up video games often combine genres that do not make sense. That is why hybrid casino games work so well. The genres are similar, and so are the audiences. When it comes to video games, audiences can be segregated and opinionated.

That said, there are a few exceptions. One critically acclaimed example is Brutal Legend, an action-adventure game that combines elements of real-time strategy. Brutal Legend also incorporates Heavy Metal music as the characters in the video game range from Ozzy Osbourne to Lita Ford. This hybrid video game became the 12th-top-selling game in October 2009, and gaming journalists praised Brutal Legend’s story and characters. Odama is another interesting hybrid video game, combining real-time tactical games with pinball.

Hybrid games provide gaming operators with excellent growth and revenue opportunities. Mash-up games bring different demographics together, helping to build a global gaming community while also increasing an organization’s revenues and margins. In other words, the more games a platform offers, the more players they will attract and retain, and, thus, the more money they will make.

That said, not every game developer has struck gold in this niche. For the most part, hybrid video games have not been universally accepted due to poor execution and odd genre combinations, though there are a few exceptions. However, hybrid casino games are proof this gaming style works when you blend genres with similar themes and audiences.

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