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Nerdy St. Patrick’s Day Shirts to Wear to Not Get Pinched

One thing I used to hate about St. Patrick’s Day in school was forgetting to wear green and getting pinched. I’m pretty sure it’s called harassment now, and kids aren’t allowed to do it. But back in MY day…it was bad.

Now that I’m an adult, there’s still serious anxiety about forgetting to wear green that day. BUT, if I do wear green, I also want it with some nerdy style. Why should I have to go a day without wearing cartoons on my shirt if it doesn’t bring me joy to wear plain things? So on my quest to find some lucky green things I wouldn’t mind wearing, I found some cool threads that you might also enjoy.

If you want to browse themed shirts on your own, check them out here. If not, scroll through!

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1 The Luck is Strong With This One

The Luck is Strong With This One

Pick up this awesome “Star Wars” themed St. Patrick’s Day shirt here.

2 Batman Logo In Clovers

Batman Logo In Clovers

For the DC Comics / Batman fan, the Dark Knight goes shamrocks! Pick it up here.

3 You Pinch, HULK SMASH


Can’t have a DC Comics shirt without also including a Marvel one. Who better to sport the green than Hulk? Get yours here.

4 I Find Your Lack of Green Disturbing

I Find Your Lack of Green Disturbing

And another galaxy far, far away option. This one with Stormtroopers. Get it here.

5 It’s [St.] Patrick’s Day

It’s [St.] Patrick’s Day

Why not give SpongeBob’s best pal Patrick Star his own shirt? (I mean he’s got plenty, that’s for sure.) Get it here.

6 Super Lucky Spider-Man Shirt

Super Lucky Spider-Man Shirt

Heck yes, a little Spider-Man NYC love. Get it here.

7 Irish Wonder Woman

Irish Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s iconic logo gets the green treatment! Get it here.

8 The Irish Avengers!

The Irish Avengers!

Erin Go Avengers? Get yours here.

9 Fighting Irish Sailor Jupiter Shirt

Fighting Irish Sailor Jupiter Shirt

Okay while not strictly St. Patrick’s Day, we love Sailor Jupiter. Pick it up here.

10 Green Lantern (Of Course)

Green Lantern (Of Course)

Betcha thought we were gonna forget Green Lantern, huh? Nope! Get it here.

11 Baby Yoda and Clovers

Baby Yoda and Clovers

And of course, little Grogu! Get him here.

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