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Offline vs. Online Bingo in the UK

It might surprise people in other parts of the world, but bingo has been very popular in the UK for decades. Oh, and it goes far beyond seniors getting together in a retirement home to pass a little time. In fact, UK bingo players come in all ages, shapes, and sizes.

The popularity of UK bingo became very apparent when online bingo websites started showing up on the internet. It inspired a new generation of online gamblers to start including online bingo as part of their online gambling regimens. With the population of online bingo players constantly on the rise, it makes sense to do a comparison between the benefits of offline bingo versus online bingo.

Comparing the Benefits of Offline Bingo Versus Online Bingo

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To do a comparison between these two forms of bingo, it requires that the comparison be done based on certain factors. In the following sections, the comparison will focus on the factors that bingo players would focus on when trying to decide whether to play bingo offline or online. The list of factors to be considered include:

  • Location where bingo is available
  • Speed of the Game
  • Variety of Available Games
  • The Social Factor
  • Chance for Free Play
  • Gameplay factors
  • Dealing with GamStop Self-exclusion

Location where and bingo is available

While offline bingo players will have to travel to their local bingo halls or facilities to play bingo, online bingo players can sit up in bed and start playing online bingo at will. It’s a huge advantage to be able to play bingo when it’s not possible to get to a live bingo location.

Also, offline bingo hours are quite restrictive, usually confined to evenings. Online bingo players can pretty much play bingo 24/7/365.

Speed of the Game

In a big bingo hall where offline bingo games are being monitored, the speed of the game is kept a bit slower to allow players time to daub multiple cards and not miss any action. Online, the daubing process is automated, which allows online bingo sites to set the game speed to meet the needs of bingo players at all levels. Typically, online bingo players can play three times as many games in the same timeframe.

Variety of Available Games

When a player goes to a live offline bingo hall, they might get a chance to play several bingo versions, but always one version at a time. Online bingo sites have rooms that pretty much cover any version a bingo player might want to play. In fact, many bingo sites will allow players to play multiple versions at the same time.

The Social Factor

For a lot of live bingo players, playing bingo represents a chance to gather with friends and enjoy a few hours of camaraderie. Online bingo players are pretty much confined to isolation while they play. Sometimes, online bingo players might have access to a chat room where they can connect with other players. However, it does little to create a sense of human contact.

Chance for Practice Play

In a live offline bingo hall, players are playing for real cash from the first game to the last. This often leaves first-time players at a disadvantage. One of the great benefits of online bingo is new players get chances to play practice games until they get a feel for playing the game.

Dealing With GamStop Self-exclusion

Offline bingo players are only restricted from playing bingo gambling if they choose not to go. If a UK online gambler has registered with the GamStop Self-exclusion scheme for any reason, they won’t be allowed to access any UK online bingo sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The length of their self-exclusion will be based on what they chose when they registered with the program.

When that happens, they have to seek other alternatives if they want to play online bingo in the UK. The good news is a highly motivated online gambler who wants to play online bingo can always find non-Gamstop bingo sites for GamStop players via It’s just an extra layer of hassle that the player would have to endure.

While the differences between offline and online bingo are quite stark, the choice really boils down to what a particular player is looking for from their bingo-playing experience.

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