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Reasons to Move to Massachusetts

Are you planning to move to Massachusetts? There’s nothing more heartbreaking than having to leave your hometown to a new environment. The good news, a move offers you the chance to see a whole new world, unlike your home. 

From the summer to the fun-filled, colorful, and busy autumns to the rush of historical landmarks, delicious cuisines you’ve never tasted before, and friendly neighborhoods you can call home., Massachusetts brings you this and more. But that’s not all! This guide outlines our top 10 reasons to move to Massachusetts.

Here are some things to know before moving to Massachusetts. 

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1. Sports culture

For sports lovers, Massachusetts is the dream state. In fact, in the entirety of the United States, you may never find another state with residents more obsessed with sports than this city. Whether football, hockey, basketball, or baseball, Massachusetts promises a fantastic experience with the city housing some of the most popular pro-winning teams in the US, regardless of the sports fan dream, you want. 

Some professional sports teams in Massachusetts include the Red Sox, Boston Bruins, the Celtics, New England Patriots, and Revolution. Talk of college sports teams, and you’ll also find some championship teams in top universities like Harvard, UMass, and Boston College. 

2. Seafood

When it comes to local cuisines, Massachusetts is famous for its Shellfish. If you love the fresh taste of seafood, this region offers you so many local specialty delicacies you’ve never tasted before. Walk into any restaurants in the city and enjoy a delicious hot lobster meal or the mouthwatering meal of thick clam chowder. You also want to try the local delicacies made with oysters. 

3. High level of training

Education thrives in the region. If you’re considering enrolling your kids in world-renowned universities and colleges, Massachusetts is the must-go-to state for you. Home to several world-renowned, household name educational institutes like Amherst College, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard University, Wellesley College, your kids will have a fun time training to be notable figures in society.

In addition to the notable colleges and universities, several public schools have qualified teachers to give your child the best education you seek. Schools like Wellesley Public Schools and Newton Public school are just a few. 

4. Diverse economy

Recent statistics reveal that Massachusetts is the third state with a booming economy in the US. And, it’s not just the work of one industry. Thanks to the combined forces of diverse sectors like the tech industry, education institutes, agriculture, fishing, and trading sectors, the Massachusetts economy remains strong, making the state one of the best places to live in the US. 

5. The rich history of the state

History lovers will find much-storied and interesting mythological facts in the region than in any state. Added to this, the historical landmarks are numerous. In the city, you see the historical site of the Mayflowers landing, the Boston Massacre, and other colonial landmarks. 

6. Healthcare at a high level

You won’t have to leave the state to find a top-quality health care system and facilities for your health needs. The city houses some of the most sought-after medical institutions while ranking fifth best state to find an excellent care system. Some highly ranked medical institutions in the state include:

  • New England Baptist Hospital
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Brigham and Women’s hospital
  • Boston’s Children hospital
  • Beth Is actual Deaconess Medical center
  • McLean Hospital

7. Prosperous cities (Boston, Manchester, and others)

Suppose you want a place that offers you not just its beautiful looks but also plenty of neighborhood attractions and 24/7 walk-in stores, even more reason to move to Massachusetts. It’s not just the Boston neighborhood. Several towns line the streets of Massachusetts. The best part, most residents are famous figures in the country. Some of these towns include:

  • Manchester
  • Newburyport
  • Provincetown
  • Lexington
  • Salem and many others.

The best part, these cities don’t feel like suburbs. Even the economy thrives in these various cities. No matter the neighborhood, you’re sure to find something fascinating about your ideal city. 

8. Reasonable cost of living index

When it comes to living costs, you have nothing to fear. Almost every cost-consuming part of your life won’t be as pricey as in other states. Most of these living indexes are pretty similar to the national averages.

However, the most significant difference is the price of the affordability of the real estate market and housing market. In Massachusetts, you could buy a house for as low as $407,900, which is by far cheaper than most metro areas. 

9. Great Job Opportunities

Massachusetts boasts of having one of the lowest unemployment rates, around 3%. So, if you’re thinking of the employment consequences of moving from your current home, you don’t have to worry anymore. Thanks to the booming economy and diverse industries, you’re sure to find a decent job to cover your living costs. Massachusetts top employers include General Electric (GE), Raytheon, TJX corporations, and many more. 

10. Surrounding nature

The green landmarks and beautiful natural sceneries in Massachusetts are bound to captivate you. Talk about the beaches and ocean views, and you might think only cities like California and Florida can offer such breathtaking views. Well, this region also holds such natural sceneries. Some spectacular beach view in the state includes:

  • Cisco Beach
  • Wingaersheek Beach
  • Singing Beach

In addition, you’ll find many rare gems that will leave you speechless. You can also go whale watching, watch the charter sailor watch people hike the trails. 


Moving to a new state can be overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. Suppose you’ve decided to move to Massachusetts; it’s time to hire local movers near you like the Starkmovers. Located in Boston, MA, Starkmovers will help you handle your transportation, labor, and storage needs no matter your destination. With a reliable and experienced team, we make the transition as smooth as possible. If you’re in Manchester, visit our mover’s manchester page to find out more about our services. 

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