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San Francisco Couple Spread Wildflower Seeds Dressed as Bees

One thing that you don’t see too often outside of Halloween is people dressed up as bees. In fact, I can only think of two instances I’ve ever seen a real giant bee. Once was trick-or-treating and one time I was really high in a Home Town Buffet. I’m still not sure I wasn’t the only one who saw that damn bee. Anyway, this couple we’re going to talk about now are doing their best to spread native wildflowers of the San Francisco area while dressed as the insect they are hoping to attract. That’s right, bees!

[Editor’s note: Let’s take a second to remember classic “Saturday Night Live” sketch ‘Killer Bees Invasion.‘]

Gardeners and green thumb havers Phoenix and Shalaco are trying to make their mission to bring back the plants that bees and other native insects in the San Francisco area love. By spreading seeds with spice shakers they are repopulating the area with the bees favorite kind of food. In turn this helps the ecosystem flourish and they’re helping encourage them to pollinate and make a home nearby.

60 Second Docs did a whole featurette of the couple. In it you can see them skating around scattering “native wildflower seeds for the birds and the bees!” From the video it appears the preferred shaker is one you’d find in a pizza place that holds the hot peppers. It’s definitely got big enough holes to accommodate most types of seeds.

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