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Meat Yo’ Self with Official Oscar Mayer Face Masks

When you were a kid, there are pretty high odds that if you had bologna laying around, you made a makeshift face mask. I remember sitting at the table biting out eye and mouth holes in my bologna anyways. That, and throwing them like frisbees at my little brother. Well now Oscar Mayer is making our young hearts sing because we’ll be able to treat ourselves while simultaneously scaring our loved ones. They’ve now made a bologna sheet mask that’s spa-quality and when applied slightly looks like your skins been peeled off.


For many, the New Year brings renewed energy, excitement, and commitment to self-care. While resolutions and refreshed routines can be daunting and unattainable, Oscar Mayer is bringing a playful spin on the often serious New Year, New You trope with its meaty take on the self-care space.

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Oscar Mayer

The masks are made by premier Korean beauty and skincare company Seoul Mamas, known for luxury clients and retailers like Ritz Carlton Spas, W Hotels, Neiman Marcus and more.  The limited-time mask boasts hydration and moisture retention, anti-inflammatory and skin protection benefits – all while featuring a nostalgic bologna face design. 


Does this mask smell like bologna? In the initial press release, they didn’t mention that it had any particular smell, so it’s safe to assume it doesn’t. For the real deal you’ll have to just buy some good ol’ Oscar Mayer lunch meat and make them yourself.

You can get these from Amazon starting today, January 19th 2022. These are limited edition so if you want one grab it while you can!

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