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Imagine a Playday Using Flavored Bubble Solution!

If you’ve ever played with bubbles near a dog, then you know that crazy look in their eyes. Pure madness as they chase that bubble to the ends of the yard trying to catch that sucker in their mouth. Well, you can experience that same joy because BubbleLick has created flavored bubble solutions that you can eat and enjoy.

These aren’t just fun for kids though. Adults have also used them as decorative toppings for alcoholic drinks. So there’s an added bonus in just that.

The bubbles themselves were designed by pediatricians, so they are pretty safe. That means your kids can go nuts and even drink them, though definitely not recommended. The flavors in the pack include Carnival Cotton Candy, Milk Chocolate Chip, Juicy Watermelon Splash, and Glazed Cinnamon Roll bubble solutions.

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They say that they are flavored with natural flavors so if that’s the case I probably wouldn’t play with the Milk Chocolate Chip flavor near the dogs, but the others should be ok.

The best part is that you can load any bubble machine with these and they’ll work. You don’t have to pass out from constantly blowing bubbles through a wand if you don’t want to!

You can get a set of the bubbles on Amazon here.

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