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Who Knew: Stab-Resistant Pens Satisfyingly Bendy

If you’re one of the accident prone, or are surrounded by people you don’t trust as far as you can throw them, these might be a good investment for you. Originally, these stab-resistant pens were made for prisons and other federal institutions. But, you can get them from Amazon now! So you can get your own wibblywobbly ballpoint pens and make your home one of the most safe places on Earth. Just keep your kitchen off limits and you’ll be fine.

There are so many cool things about these pens. You can totally just bend the heck out of them when you’re bored. Plus, they shouldn’t break in the bottom of your bag. Believe me if that’s ever happened to you and your book report got messed up from ink bleeding, you’d happily have this pen instead of a regular BIC.

ASR Federal Non-Lethal Flexible Ball Point Pen

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  • INSTITUTIONAL SAFETY PEN: These Non Lethal Bendable Prison Pen is an essential writing tool that allows for a basic need to be provided to people that may be prone to hurting themselves and others
  • NON-LETHAL BENDABLE PEN: Designed to bend and flex under pressure while only being 4.25 inches in length the flexible ball point pen maintains the highest safety standards
  • INK FLOW WRITING CAPACITY: Each Non-Lethal Jail Pen contains a ink tube capable of writing up to 3500 feet before needing to be replaced or disposed of
  • JAIL PEN SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 4.5″ | Weight: 0.001 oz. | Ink Color: Blue or Black

This might even be a funny prank gift for someone who’s always hurting themselves. Or for anyone who has toddlers who like to carry pencils around (like mine). It drives parents nuts when the kids run with sharp objects, at least this pen is less likely to injure them and more likely to just draw on their face.

Pick up your own stab-resistant pens from Amazon here.

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