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The Effect of Technology in Gaming

Technology has been part of man’s life since the discovery of fire. It has gone too far and the majority of what we are enjoying now may be in entertainment or normal day-to-day life we owe it to technology.

Video games became famous in the ’80s where kids used to play them in the arcade until they reached their peak in the computer age. The fast transition of technology influenced the gaming world. The best part here is its influence does not limit to video gaming but also other areas as well such as gambling. Online casinos are now considered tech gaming since punters can play and bet online using their gadgets. Due to this reason, many casino sites advertise their industry. It might be confusing to find one after you typed it in the browser but if you wanted a casino site that would meet your expectations then you can find the best casinos at Casinocrawlers. They offer honest-to-goodness bonuses and benefits to their players and fantastic games equipped with hi-tech graphics and sound.

The gaming experience has taken a big leap and is now being enjoyed in a wider scope. The gaming world took advantage of the innovation of the technology thus making the future of gaming more promising.

1.     Mobile Experience

During the ’90s the company, Nokia released their cellular phone 3210 and 3310. Those were the days when having a cellular phone was considered as the “in” thing because it was wireless and you could talk to anyone anywhere and anytime. Then text messaging became part of the mobile phone technology which made the popularity of the pager and beeper dwindle down. When Nokia introduced the 3210 and 3310, everyone went bananas especially because it was small (the smaller the cellphone was the better back then) and it has games. Games like Pairs II, Pace Impact Batumi, and Snake II.

At present, our mobile phones had gone too far, as far as anyone could ever imagine back in the ’90s. People browse on the phone, work on the phone, study and socialize using the phone, place a bet, and gaming on the phone as well. The ordinary cellular phone transformed into the smartphone that we have now. Imagine what games and technology can do in the future.

2.     Augmented Reality

Augmented reality copies the environment of the player and is enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information which includes visual, olfactory, haptic, and somatosensory creating a realistic object infused with the present environment to make the gaming experience one of the best.

3.     Virtual Reality

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The user has to wear a helmet with a stereoscopic screen that views the screen of simulated images. The technology creates an illusion called telepresence or “being there” image which prompts the user to interact with the virtual environment.

4.     Facial Recognition

This type of technology allows a user to create an image or an Avatar in the gaming world through 3D scanning.

5.     Voice Recognition

Voice-controlled gaming is now the rage and there are some mobile or computer games that can identify the voice of the player and can be controlled. Voice commands can be applied to control gameplay like Tom Clancy’s EndWar or In Verbis Virtus. The players use a microphone or software that identifies and interprets a players’ speech to control the game.

6.     Cloud Gaming

Cloud-based technology is a convenient way of playing a game through video streaming using the internet. Using any gadget or a personal computer at home, one can play any game immediately.

Final Insight:

The merging of technology and gaming is a remarkable development that is expected to evolve in the future for a more extraordinary gaming experience.

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