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How to Choose the Best Mushroom Gummies for You

Functional mushrooms are one of the latest trends within health and fitness communities. As their name suggests, these mushrooms are packed with vital nutrients that help to support a variety of critical functions throughout the human body.

While functional mushrooms can be eaten as part of a meal, there are more convenient ways of consuming them. Luckily, mushroom health supplements are more accessible than ever, making it easy to consume small amounts of fungi each day.

One of the most popular options available is mushroom gummies; these are designed to suit almost any diet and lifestyle. Mushroom gummies are similar to other supplement gummies combining a sweet and tasty gummy with the health benefits of functional mushrooms.

As with any health or supplement product, there are varying degrees of quality available. At one end, there are poorly-made, cheap gummies and at the other, there are expensive high-quality gummies.

However, price is only one factor to consider, and it doesn’t always equate to better quality. Here are five super easy tips to follow, helping you find great mushroom gummies on the market. 

#1 Comparing Ingredient Lists

As with any supplement or food, the ingredient list is an excellent place to start when comparing products.

Mushroom gummies that are made using organic and all-natural ingredients are much more likely to deliver better quality. Often budget gummies contain artificial colorings and flavorings to make them appear more appealing. While these gummies might look much more like regular candy, it is much better to opt for naturally flavored gummies.

It is generally thought that organic foods contain a much higher level of antioxidants than those grown using artificial fertilizers. The higher level of antioxidants results in high quality and more effective final product.

#2 Pay Attention to the Extraction Methods Used

Several different methods can be used to extract the active compounds from functional mushrooms, allowing them to be used in gummies. Each method has its pros and cons. However, dual extraction is thought to yield the most diverse range of active compounds.

Opting for gummies that have been made using the dual extraction method provides a range of active compounds that closely resemble the rich nutritional value of whole mushrooms. 

The more active compounds in gummies, the stronger their effects and the better they are as a health and wellness supplement.

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#3 Lower Sugar Gummies Are Better for Supplements

Mushroom gummies are first and foremost a supplement, but they are also designed to be enjoyable and double as a gummy. Many brands, therefore, pack their gummies with sugar and artificial flavoring to enhance them.

While mushroom gummies packed with sugar might taste great, they are also less healthy than low sugar or sugar-free alternatives. Sugary mushroom gummies might provide several positive health benefits, but this can easily be countered by the sudden increase in sugar being consumed daily.

It is much better to opt for low sugar gummies to avoid the adverse effects of a high sugar diet.

#4 Gelatin or Pectin Gummies

Both gelatin and pectin are used in gummies to give the product its chewy, gummy-like texture. Gelatin is a protein derived from animal bones, while pectin is derived from fruits and vegetables.

With the best mushroom gummies, it can be tricky to work out which ingredient has been used. Although, reputable brands should always be transparent about their formula. For vegans and vegetarians, it is always a good idea to check the ingredients to determine if the product is safe for consumption. 

#5 Consider Flavor and Strength

Mushroom gummies come in many different flavors and strength options. The best flavor and the proper strength will depend on the individual, but two essential things should be considered when purchasing mushroom gummies.

The strength of the gummies will determine the overall effect that they have on the body and how long their products can be felt. Everyone is different, and some people may require an extra dosage to achieve the same impact. Finding the right strength can take a little trial and error to learn what works best for the individual.

However, it’s always important to follow the product’s dosage guide. 

The flavor of gummies is another crucial factor for ensuring that mushroom gummies are enjoyable to eat and can be incorporated into a person’s everyday diet. The best flavor will depend on the person’s taste and preferences. 

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