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A Pokémon Themed Park Opened in Japan, and We Want to Go!

OH BOY! If you didn’t want to travel to Japan before, you’re definitely going to put it on your list now. Besides things like the Ghibli Museum, Universal Studios Japan, or even Tokyo Disney, Japan also has some very normal attractions. Like this newly themed Pokémon playground that your kids will probably love to play in. To heck with the kids, let me at those swings!

There are multiple play structures in the playground located at Lucky Park in Namie Town. They are set to open other locations such as Lucky Park in Koriyama City, and Yanaizu Town, but they will feature different designs and different Pokémon.

To celebrate the opening of the new park, a “Pokemon GO” event will be hosted there. Which will bring people out to come see it, even if they don’t have kids.

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The park features:


A giant two story Chansey structure with three slides and a two story play place in the back.


Ride-ons and Ride-ins. The Chansey is a nice escape and can be used as an isolation pod if kids get overstimulated. The Clefa and Igglypuff toy can be ridden by two kids and is kind of like a seesaw but more tame.


A smaller Likitung slide for the toddlers.


A Happiny sandbox with a four leaf clover play table.


Benches with pokéballs and Pikachu on either side. They have put a male on one side and a female on the other.

And last but not least, my personal favorite park attraction…


A Chansey and Wingull swingset! They have it sectioned off so that kids won’t walk in front of the kids who are swinging too. It’s a nice safety feature we don’t often see in American parks.

Read more about the park here. The page is in Japanese, but you should be able to use Google to translate.

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