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Things to Know About CISSP (Certified Information Security Professional)

The CISSP certification is primarily for seasoned IT Security professionals. CISSP recognizes candidates for their skills in designing, implementing, and managing a cybersecurity program at the enterprise level. The International Information System Security Certification Consortium – a leading non-profit organization – offers the CISSP certification. The organization has a history of twenty-plus years regarded across the IT domain. 

The CISSP exam costs $699. One needs to demonstrate a wide variety of expertise in technical and management domains to gain this certification. Additionally, a few years of experience helps in adding credits. 

Let’s learn how applicants can proceed with this certification and what levels they have to clear.

Potential Beneficiaries of the Following Cyber Security Certification:

The (ISC)2 certification specifically targets cybersecurity professionals with several years of hands-on experience. These can range from associates to managers and even more senior-level executives. 

The ISC2 course helps one to showcase their knowledge in the information security domain and validate their experience.

Many professionals can benefit from the CISSP certification, including:

  1. CIO or Chief Investment Officer
  2. CISO or Chief Investment Security Officer
  3. Security Consultant
  4. Auditor in Security.
  5. Security Manager
  6. Security Analyst 
  7. IT Director or Manager

Jobs and Career Path After Getting Certified with ISC2 Certification: 

The CISSP certification is a great stepping stone for a prosperous career in cybersecurity. With data security jobs skyrocketing, many organizations have started mandating CISSP and similar certifications like cyber security courses in their job criteria. 

A security professional with CISSP with an ISC2 course has better prospects in landing a job that pays much better than a similarly skilled one who does not.

There’s a managerial aspect covered in the CISSP certification – and hence it is generally recommended that you rake up some years of IT/IS experience before attempting it.

What are the Requirements for Obtaining the Certification?

  1. Various past exam participants often recommend at least five years of full-time work experience. Moreover, the IT professional needs at least two years of experience in two out of eight CBK domains.
  2. For people who do not have five years of experience, CISSP also allows professionals with four years of experience and four years of a college degree to apply for the course. 
  3. One needs to get their endorsement signed by an ISC2 professional and subscribe to the latest code of ethics. 
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CISSP Exam Structure: 

It is quintessential to understand what all disciplines/domains are part of the CISSP exam. The certification test frequently includes topics like:

  1. Risk and Security Management
  2. Security in Assets.
  3. Architecture and Engineering Security
  4. Communication and Network Security
  5. Identify Access Management (IAM)
  6. Software Development Security
  7. Operations in Security
  8. Assessment and Testing in Security

If one opts for the CAT or Computerized Adaptive Test, they will encounter 100-150 questions and a three-hour time limit to answer them. As with all adaptive tests, the CISSP exam will auto-adjust questions according to your answer. So, if one can provide the correct answers, the level of difficulty will rise. However, if the answers are incorrect, you’d be given simple questions. 

The CISSP website states that the exam contains advanced innovative items (drag-and-match-type) and multiple-choice questions. The passing grade is 70% – 700 points out of 1000 points.

Lastly, one can opt between ISC2 Authorized PPC and Select Pearson VUE testing centres as their exam venue.

How Much Does the CISSP Exam Cost?

The exam cost is $699. But the fees vary as per the location and test centre preference. For instance, some cases may levy an additional fee. For example, in case one needs to reschedule their exam, they would have to pay a penalty of $50. Cancellation of the exam costs $100. 

Moreover, one needs to pay annual maintenance fees throughout the term and keep a balance of 40 CPE credits each year when they are paying the yearly maintenance fee. 

Additional Tips Before Appearing for the CISSP Exam: 

  1. Find multiple sources to study from, including the ISC2 authorities providing an outline and a practice test to the participants. However, we recommend taking help from various learning institutions training for the CISSP exam. 
  2. Talk with your peers. Try to find people who are appearing for the same exam. Community learning has more potential than solo learning.
  3. Try to manage your time with perfection. This case is particularly true for individuals with a full-time job appearing for the CISSP certification. Hence, you need to be mindful and practice intelligent time management.


CISSP certification is a gold standard in the IT Security industry. Not only is it an industry-recognized credential to showcase your cybersecurity skills, but CISSP’s holistic testing pattern also gives managerial credibility to candidates who pass it.

The CISSP exam cost is small compared to the advantages and opportunities obtaining this certification present. The tips described in this article, combined with your initial efforts, should see you through this exam and get your hands on this coveted credential.

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