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Charity and Parimatch

In the modern world, very few companies practice charity. Parimatch is one of the few big brands that recently launched a charity business. The goal of the program’s creators is to maintain the well-being and health of the community through involvement in sports events and raising the level of education.

Charitable foundation Parimatch

Parimatch is not just a bookmaker but a large international company that works in various directions. Particular attention is paid to charitable activities. For this, a special fund was opened, which finances various projects in different countries of the world and aims to provide maximum assistance to people who need it.

Initially, the practice of such an action was found where the license of this company was issued, and it was the Cyprus charitable foundation from Parimatch that became one of the high-profile events in the world.

Then, after the sensational Cyprus charitable foundation, this initiative began to gain more widespread popularity and became the international charitable foundation Parimatch because more than 10 countries wanted to become part of such a good deed.

The Cyprus charitable foundation began a long time ago to support talented athletes and help them become professionals. For these purposes, the Parimatch charitable foundation appeared in 2019. Today the charitable foundation Parimatch is one of the largest in the world. Funding a huge number of children’s sports events.

At the moment, the fund is actively working in the following areas:

  • sport;
  • health;
  • environmental initiatives.
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Charity for children has also become a very important area.

International charitable foundation Parimatch

Parimatch pays special attention to environmental programs. Due to funding from the fund, certain improvements were made to the infrastructure, enhancing certain areas. Various projects are considered here to improve the comfort of ordinary citizens.

Parimatch also took on a huge responsibility among the list of different charity destinations and took over the Cyprus charitable foundation for children. Indeed, in a world where grandfathers are frankly given a very limited amount of attention, this activity has amazed many people.

Initially, the international charitable foundation Parimatch undertook to help children with physical problems, as well as talented and young people who have no opportunity to develop on their own. Parimatch helps these guys reach a professional level.

First of all, assistance is provided to children with physical problems and talented youth to reach a professional level.

At the moment, the Cyprus charitable foundation for children does not stop there. It continues to actively develop to attract new people to increase attention to various problems. However, the most important thing is that the fund actively finances various activities for children, helps to equip playgrounds, distributes simulators and specialized equipment for people with disabilities.

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