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Urban Decay’s Marvel Studios “Eternals” Makeup Collection is on Sale!

There’s an “Eternals” makeup collection from Urban Decay, and it is stunning! Many fandoms get the makeup treatment, like this The Mandalorian” collection. It’s no surprise that Marvel Studios’ latest movie “Eternals” has gotten the same treatment. 

Makeup company Urban Decay teamed up with Marvel Studios to create an absolutely gorgeous collection. With the holidays approaching, it would make the perfect gift for both MCU fans and makeup enthusiasts. 

The stand-out piece from the collection is the eyeshadow palette. The palette consists of 15 metallic, matte, and shimmer shades. The packaging includes a fun 3D pop-up element.

Urban Decay eyeshadow palette from the Eternals makeup collection
Image: Urban Decay

Per the Urban Decay website, the color names include:

COSMIC BLAST – ivory with gold micro-shimmer
FAMILY IS ETERNAL – light pink with copper micro-shimmer
IMMORTAL WARRIOR – gold with green & gold micro-shimmer
STRENGTH – copper with gold micro-shimmer
IN THE SHADOWS – matte black with gold micro-shimmer
DEVOTION – light brown-pink matte
ASTROLABE – warm brown with gold micro-shimmer
LOYALTY – orange matte
GRAIN OF SAND – light brown matte
FAMOUS – warm brick matte
MERCIFUL – emerald shimmer with silver & gold micro-shimmer
GENIUS – iris purple shimmer with blue & pink micro-shimmer
SOARING – ultramarine blue metallic
PROTECTOR – burnt red with green shift & green micro-shimmer
SONIC BOOM – brick red matte with gold micro-shimmer

The UD x Marvel Studios’ Eternals makeup collection also includes eyeliners, lipsticks, and highlighters. 

The eyeliner comes in 4 shades: 

COSMIC MISSION: Smoky purple with violet & fuchsia micro-sparkle
COSMIC ENERGY: Gold shimmer with gold micro-sparkle
COSMIC SPEED: Deep black with glitter finish
COSMIC ETERNAL: Blue shimmer with blue & purple micro-sparkle

4 eyeliner pencils from the UD x Marvel Studios' Eternals makeup collection
Image: Urban Decay
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Lipsticks also come in 4 shades:

AGILITY: Deep red cream
KNOWLEDGE: Sheer deep berry with multicolor micro-glitter
BRILLIANCE: Sheer copper with multicolor micro-glitter
ANCIENT: Warm nude cream

4 tubes of lipstick from the Urban Decay Eternals makeup collection
Image: Urban Decay

The collection finishes off with two beautiful highlighters. Shades include:

CUNEIRUNE: Rich bronze with micro-shimmer
UNI-MIND: Rich gold with copper & gold micro-shimmer

Highlighters from the Urban Decay Eternals makeup collection
Image: Urban Decay

If you can’t decide which pieces of the collection to get, the beauty company has a solution for that! The UD x Marvel Studios’ Eternals Vault contains every piece of the Eternals makeup collection. The vault also includes 2 tubes of glitter gel.

UD x Marvel Studios' Eternals Vault makeup collection
Image: Urban Decay

The entire collection is currently 50% off, making it the perfect time to add it to your holiday shopping list. Pick it up on Urban Decay’s website here.

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