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TheWiSpy Updated Review: Mobile Tracker App with 20+ Features

With the risks of cyberbullying, online predation, and inappropriate material being discussed, it is your responsibility as a parent to do all you can to protect your children for the duration of time. This is where parental control applications can help. 

With these kinds of apps, you’ll be able to make sure you are aware of what your kids do on digital devices, whether that’s texts and calls apps, as well as their web-based activities. This is a complete and thorough TheWiSpy review as one of the top-rated cell phone monitoring apps available for Android devices.

It’s a trustworthy mobile phone tracker that is top on the market because of the advanced technology-based features. In addition, you can now enjoy the excellent updates that came along this year to make your tracking experience worthwhile. 

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy mobile tracker application lets you monitor different activities on the device you want to watch. It works using stealth mode on the phone that you want to trace by transferring all the data to a web-based portal without letting users know they’re being watched. TheWiSpy will also make itself a light application with a small memory footprint. 

It means that it won’t consume the battery too quickly in a short time. The Wi Spy App can also be a secure application that does not divulge your data to anyone else but you. This is accomplished by not keeping any of the collected information on the server. 

Since you cannot access information that isn’t available, you don’t have to worry about someone else getting access to your private data, so you don’t need to worry. In addition, it comes with 20+ features that make it the best working spyware in history. You can track everything and bring anything to the dashboard with the help of TWS’s incredible features. 

TheWiSpy 20+ incredible features

Basic features

  • Call log tracking:

Any calls that are received or dialed via monitored devices will be visible through TheWiSpy Profile dashboard. It will help you find the exact duration for each call. In addition, you’ll see the total amount of calls made through the device during a specific time.

TheWiSpy spy call recorder can record all calls made by the phone in question for you to listen to the conversations. This will give you an idea of the people your children are talking to and what is discussed.

  • Geofencing:

This is among the best options for parental control. By integrating this feature in the TWS mobile phone tracker app, you’ll be notified immediately if the target is prone to crossing the boundaries or limit you set. In other words, you’ll be able to select the Geofence (visual edge) for a particular device. Then, when the user crosses the area, you’ll be notified immediately on TheWiSpy spy app.

  • Surround recording:

Surround recording is a mobile phone tracking feature that lets users record the phone’s surroundings discreetly and then listen later. You can start recording immediately or specify specific times for recording as well. 

The surround recording function will upload the audio recordings to your user account for you to listen to at your convenience. In addition, you can remotely turn on the cell phone’s microphone and record the activity happening within their vicinity.

  • Camera tracking:

You can control the camera of your child’s phone remotely through TWS. It allows you to click pictures of the real-time events so you can take a closer look at the day-to-day life of your children. The images are uploaded on the dashboard so the user can view and download them if they want. 

  • Text message tracking:

Despite the growing acceptance of instant messaging and social media applications, SMS is still one of the most reliable methods to connect. So it’s good that TheWiSpy SMS tracker allows you to spy on text messages with whom your children are talking with as well as what they’re communicating through texts.

It also includes essential information like date stamps, images, documents, and files containing the text that you can download and read through the spy app for android. 

  • Contact book tracking:

Another aspect of the TWS application is that it provides users with an entire list of all contacts stored on the devices’ contacts lists. Parents can also utilize this feature to see whether there are any unknown numbers or numbers that are not known on the device through which their child is communicating.

The most appealing thing is that you won’t only find the phone numbers and contact names. Still, it will also be able to view all other personal contact information stored on the phone, including images, email addresses, and the numbers of contacts they’ve made with the person you want to contact.

  • Video and voice message recording:

As we’ve established that TWS has access to the microphone of the target, it means you can use it to get quality video and voice message recording. You won’t have to do much; these features are listed on the dashboard of the spy app for android. You can initiate the recording, and the app will do the rest. The recorded audio or video file will be uploaded on the portal so you can access it conveniently. 

  • Monitor saved photos:

The videos and photos that your kids save to their smartphones can give you a peek into how they spent their time, who they are with, and even their hobbies. Through TheWiSpy access to the device’s picture and video galleries, you’ll be able to know everything you need that you can learn about your child. In addition, you can delete files and fetch them to the dashboard remotely using TWS. 

Updated features

We’ve discussed the top features that are used by many users. TheWiSpy is growing with time and is updating its features as well as introducing some new ones. Modern technology has made it difficult for people to monitor a smartphone but don’t worry anymore. With the help of the following advance and new TheWiSpy features, you can get detailed monitoring reports daily. 

Web browser tracking:

The web browser can be enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Of course, it’s all well and good when your kids are responsible; however, when they’re young and inexperienced, they might not be aware of the dangers of browsing random websites at this point.

As parents, you should ensure that you keep your children, particularly youngsters, away from inappropriate or harmful media. That’s where TheWiSpy cell phone tracker proves helpful with the help of a highly advanced web browser tracking feature.

TheWiSpy will show you your kid’s recent and old browsed history with details such as website link, time of the search, and consistently visited sites. In addition, you can view the saved cookies and the files they downloaded on their phones through the browser. 

And at the end, the essential function is that you can block inappropriate websites remotely using the exceptional spy app. In addition, it will help you ensure that your teenager isn’t getting addicted to unethical content when you’re around to monitor. 

Social media tracking:

Installing TheWiSpy on the phone of your choice allows you to monitor the conversation of your target on social media platforms as well as apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, and more. This is a crucial feature for any spyware app since almost everyone utilizes instant messaging apps instead of SMS messages for everyday communication.

  • Snapchat tracking:

Snapchat is highly addictive for young people and even the elderly due to the filters and stories they quickly become addicted to. It is now possible to view the Snapchat sender name, and the possibility of conversion won’t be lost. Start with TheWiSpy, an excellent Snapchat spy to read chats, view call logs, and more. 

  • Instagram tracking:

The most well-known social media platform, Instagram, allows users to communicate their thoughts and experiences via videos, photos, and more. The ‘Like’ “Comment feature lets users react to content that other users post. 

Privacy issues are present on profiles, and cases of cyberbullying are significantly increased with the application. That’s why TheWiSpy offers an incredible Instagram tracker feature. It allows you to read direct messages, monitor feed activity, and block dangerous accounts.

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  • WhatsApp tracking:

TheWiSpy lets parents monitor WhatsApp call history as well as the individuals their child has been interacting with. Through TWS WhatsApp spy, parents can discover the contact information of the child’s friend who interacts with them.

You can monitor your child’s conversations from afar and without their knowledge with WhatsApp spy. Parents can also track WhatsApp conversations that their child is part of. In addition, WhatsApp offers the ability to share media while talking. Parents can check the sharing of media using the WhatsApp spy application.

  • Gmail tracking:

Frauds and scams via email is the rising way of cybercrime. The criminal elements of the Internet utilize emails to get young people to be victims of their frauds. Children are susceptible to the dangers of email, such as fraud, spoofing, and phishing. 

This is why Gmail monitoring of kids’ accounts is crucial for parents to protect their children from any form of scams through email. Through the TWS Tracker for Gmail accounts, you can view the email history of your target’s phone. 

The Gmail ID tracker lets users get information about deleted emails. Parents can check the content of the emails to determine if it’s appropriate and not harmful for their children. TheWiSpy provides all the information on the dashboard available to parents, allowing them easy access to data.

  • Facebook tracking:

The continual usage of Facebook by children could lead to dependence. In addition, children are known to publish a large amount of information on Facebook, which can cause security issues such as identity theft, the misuse of data, and cyberbullying. 

With Facebook spy, the parents can keep an eye on their child’s Facebook account, the data they are sharing, and the people they interact with. The Facebook tracker allows parents to monitor with whom their children are interfacing with. It also allows parents to know the specifics of the person with whom their child is in contact. 

Children are likely to share a lot of information on Facebook that could pose a risk. TWS Facebook spy allows parents to monitor the knowledge their children are communicating publically. The tracking information is readily available to parents via their dashboard on TheWiSpy.

  • Viber tracking:

Monitoring calls and SMS can’t provide you with satisfactory outcomes of your child’s mobile activities. It is essential to have a monitoring program to keep track of the most popular IMs, such as Viber, which is on the top of the list of most popular and frequently frequented IMs. 

TWS provides robust Viber tracking features that display all Viber activities in a single glance. TheWiSpy will give you access to monitor all chats comprehensively remotely. You can block contacts if you find them harming your children’s mental health. 

TheWiSpy- updated price plans

TheWiSpy mobile phone tracking app offers three tracking plan subscriptions that you can get from the official website. The basic plan includes all the standard features that work exceptionally to provide the best tracking results. 

The premium plan is best known for remote monitoring features such as surround recording, camera spy, spy call recorder, and more. The platinum plan was recently introduced by TheWiSpy tech team that has all the updated features. Such as, you will get WhatsApp spy, Facebook spy, Instagram tracking, and Snapchat spy.

The prices and duration of these plans vary, so we’ll give you a comprehensive overview.

Basic plan:

  1. One-month:
  • $19.99
  1. Three-month:
  • $29.99
  1. Six-month:
  • $49.99

Premium plan:

  1. One-month:
  • $29.99
  1. Three-month:
  • $49.99
  1. Six-month:
  • $79.99

Platinum plan:

  1. One-month:
  • $49.99
  1. Three-month:
  • $79.99
  1. Six-month:
  • $119.99


Spy apps are now a necessity in various settings, and we provide a brief review of one of the most effective options to choose from. For example, suppose you are looking for an app for tracking to guarantee security or discipline. In that case, TheWiSpy is one of the most effective spy apps that can be used without the sophisticated features other apps for spying provide.

All in all, TWS is a decent application with numerous old and new features that allow you to monitor your children and employees, partners and prove to be highly beneficial in many scenarios. As technology is being advanced, you must have a quality spy app to keep getting updates of your target’s phone, and TheWiSpy can give you that.

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