DC FanDome: A New “The Batman” Trailer is Here

DC FanDome knew we were waiting for this news and boy did they deliver. Of course we knew that Matt Reeves‘ “The Batmanstarring Robert Pattinson was well underway. But now we’ve gotten to see the trailer and oh boy, we are SO EXCITED!

Before the trailer they shared a cool behind the scenes video, talked about the production and really amped up the excitement. Matt Reeves spoke with Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz who plays Catwoman in the upcoming film.

“There was something really special and magical the way you guys played off each other from the beginning.”

Matt Reeves on Robert Pattinson and  Zoë Kravitz performance

Of course the classic story when Pattinson tried on the suit was included in the broadcast. Reeves’ talked about how happy was to create this new version of Bruce and his excitement when he learned that Pattinson was interested in playing the part.

They of course waited until the very last second possible to show off the trailer where… Well, we’ll let the trailer speak for itself.

The Batman” premieres March 4th, 2022.