Turn Pumpkins into Drink Dispenser for Your Halloween Party!

There’s a really cool kit on Amazon right now that allows you to turn any pumpkin into a cool drink dispenser. You could probably also do it with a watermelon but it’s not Summer.. It’s FALL! That means spooky parties with friends and Thanksgiving dinners with family.

Party On Tap has instructions on how to use this. If you want to you can use a bag to keep the alcohol or other drink from touching the raw pumpkin. But if you want a hint of pumpkin in your drink for a seasonal flavor you can also put it in without the bag. We recommend without the bag!

Amazon Description

  • PUMPKIN DRINK DISPENSER – Toss your cheap looking plastic beverage dispenser you use for your pumpkin beer or fruit and juice drinks at your Halloween Party. Use a REAL PUMPKIN to serve your drinks!
  • MULTI USE – This shouldn’t be considered strictly a Halloween drink dispenser. You can use this keg tapping kit for a picnic, camping, thanksgiving party, and even on a watermelon!
  • PAPER STRAWS INCLUDED – Variation of pumpkin themed paper straws are included to complete the look for your theme party.
  • WHAT DRINKS TO PUT – Pour directly into the pumpkin or in a bag any kind of alcohol like wine, sangria, margarita, vodka, liquor, moonshine, or non alcoholic drinks like cider, punch, and more.
  • REUSABLE – This pumpkin beverage dispenser is easy to clean so that you can use it no matter how many times you throw your pumpkin fiesta!

You can check out the listing on Amazon here.

And if you’re looking for something good to fill it with, we also recommend Ryan ReynoldsAviation Gin. (Although honestly, bourbon or spiced rum go way better with pumpkin.)

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