Carnivorous Plant Hats Will Soon Become Your New Obsession

You can consume all the beauty in the room is given a new meaning when you think of this art by Maor Zabar. There’s a line from a Stevie Nicks song from “Trouble in Shangri-la” that reminds me a lot of this hat. He’s known for his abstract creations and his hats on Etsy.

This new hat of the Venus Flytrap while not listed on his Etsy is listed on his website in his featured section Carnivorous Plants. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a hat so bad. It’s one thing to have a generic hat with basic designs printed on them. His hats are now my obsession and I want them all. But alas, they are a bit too much money for me to afford at the moment. Some of his hats on Etsy are going for upwards of $1,000.

Other plants that he’s created hats with are things like Rafflesia which is otherwise known as a corpse flower. If you’re a Pokémon fan you’ll recognize the bud from the Vileplume character.

This is an interesting artist and one you should keep your eye on. If you love Tim Burton films and curious oddities then you’ll probably want to follow this as well. Check more out on his website here.

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