Majestic 5ft Long Arcanine Plush Coming from The Pokémon Company!

Oh boy, if you’ve got money and a Pokémon problem, do I feel sorry for you. This new plush is going to be nearly impossible to turn down and honestly, if you’ve got the expendable income.. get it. Pokémon company is selling a nearly 5 foot long Arcanine plush. It would make a great bed buddy. Forget boyfriend pillows this Arcanine is better than any of those.

A Jumbo Arcanine Plush for Cuddling!

Arcanine is a loyal companion to Trainers all around the world of Pokémon. Now it’s here in our world as a jumbo Poké Plush that faithfully recreates its fluffy fur, bold stripes, and strong yet kind expression. Place it on your bed or couch and give it a big hug. Or display it as a guardian who always keeps a watchful eye on your home or office.

  • Measures about 27 ½ inches high and 59 inches wide
  • Jumbo size for jumbo fun!
  • Embroidered facial features and paw pads
  • Pokémon Center Original

They say that this will start shipping out in May 2022 and they will not charge your card until it ships. Arcanine will cost you $499 plus shipping and handling. It’s up for pre-order now and you can get one.

You can find more info about this release from the Pokémon Center here.