Inflatable Kool-Aid Man Costume Perfect for Halloween Party Crashing

I’ve just found the perfect costume to crash any party ever. VAT19 has an inflatable Kool-Aid Man costume that will have all your friends jealous of your good taste in fashion. Also if you pick this up, you probably have a pretty great sense of humor. This costume doesn’t have to be just for Halloween, I could see people wearing this to weddings, birthdays, or maybe even a christening.


Crash your next costume party with refreshing style (while staying in character)! The Inflatable Kool-Aid Costume is a full-body suit made to resemble the famous juice-man himself.

The costume stays inflated with a battery-operated fan, allowing for ease of mobility and retention of that iconic pitcher physique.

It’s designed with a rear-entry zipper for easy accessibility and a convenient eye screen so you can see the faces of your friends as you bust through their living room wall screaming, “Oh yeah!”


This costume is 6.3′ x 3.5′ x 6.6′ when inflated. You definitely will make a statement! This costume costs $129 but think of it as an investment, like buying a tuxedo or a black dress that will suit any occasion. This is going to be the ultimate costume if you get it. And if you do please, PLEASE send us pictures!

kool-aid manVAT19