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How to Run A Brand Contest on Social Media

Social media is one of the most important elements of e-commerce. A healthy balance of product information, updates, and promo videos is important. Use of online video editor tools and collage makers to make eye-catching content. Otherwise, your social media will just be filled with posts that don’t really make sense.

If you take the time to interact with your fans on social media then expect an increase in sales. That’s because engagement with viewers builds trust. And once your viewers trust you and your content it becomes easier for them to make a decision when purchasing.

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Furthermore, there are different strategies you can use to help elevate your social media brand. These gimmicks often lead to an increase in online traffic and sales. If you’ve ever followed a brand on sites like Instagram or Facebook, maybe you’ve noticed them hold contests. It’s a marketing strategy, and it works really well.

How do Contests Can Help a brand?

Online events such as contests and giveaways will surely generate noise for your brand. Many people participate in these types of marketing strategies even if they know it’s promotional. Because more often than not, the rules are usually simple and easy to follow.

The main goal of a brand contest is to get your product to other people. One way to do that is by letting people share your posts for you. This process will be very effective if existing fans or customers have incentives by doing so.

A like or comment in exchange for a chance to win one of your products is the typical arrangement in online brand contests. Others prefer gift certificates, subscriptions, and even monetary equivalents. Whatever you choose to give to those who participate, you can follow these simple tips to run an effective contest.

Prepare Rules and Guidelines

Perhaps the most underrated tip on this list is the rules and guidelines. So many things can go wrong if your subscribers don’t have an understanding of what they are joining. It’s important to note what is expected of them and what they can possibly get in return for their participation.

You can include these terms and conditions in the caption of your post. Politely ask the subscribers to read it first before joining to minimize confusion from their end. Additionally, you can also include a fine print on your promotional photo for the contest. Online video editor apps are a great choice as they have many fonts.

These rules and guidelines also serve as an assurance for those who are planning to join. Once everything is made clear to them, they can confidently join in the excitement and help your brand gain more visibility online. It’s also a way to avoid any inconvenience that may arise from people who have not followed the instructions.

Give Away Freebies and Prizes

The giveaways are your main attraction when it comes to brand contests. It’s eye-candy for the followers and it’s going to entice more people to join the giveaway. Be sure to make an exciting poster for them to see. This will serve as a virtual flyer for anyone who wants to join in.

You can even use short promotional videos to let the public know about your contest. Online video makers like promo have templates that will help you create a themed post. However, if you don’t want to use an online video editor, you can opt to use traditional software instead.

Either way, you have to come up with a creative way to draw more customers to join your contest. Usually, prizes are some of your newest or most popular products. This strategy is common with brands that have many products to sell.

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Ask Them to Like/Follow the Post

Contests are a great way to boost the engagement of current posts without having to spend (except for your prize of course) large amounts of money. You will see an increase in engagement in your promotional content as well as future posts thanks to the brand contest.

Use online video editor tools to create an awesome instruction poster. Utilize the available effects and animations to make an eye-catching post for your brand contest. This is an easy way to get the attention of the online world. Moreover, a clear and concise poster with instructions will perform better than confusing photos.

A like will go a long way especially on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. It increases your chances of being selected by its native search engine if you have many likes. Furthermore, many likes mean more people will trust your brand since they see that others do too.

Make Sure They Tag Their Friends

The tag feature has been around since the creation of social media sites. It is a way for people to include their friends in the conversation by ‘tagging’ them. Once they mention someone, it will immediately notify the person they tagged.

The tagged friend may also participate in your online contest and tag other people as well. As a result, your post will continue to reach more and more people as it goes on. This is a great benefit for your company as it promotes not only the post but your page as well.

Again, engagement is key if you want to succeed in the online world. All these steps are different ways you can keep your posts entertaining and relevant.

Strictly One Entry Per Person

Last but definitely not least, keep the entries to one per person only. If a single person is allowed multiple entries, it can cause many problems for the brand running the contest.

 It’s going to be hard for the person who will count the entries. In most cases, that’s going to be you. You don’t want to waste your time dealing with spam entries all day. In addition, it’s unfair for people who actually took the time to enter and follow instructions properly.

Parting Words 

One way you can deal with this is to create an instructional video with a video maker or any online video editor. Let your subscribers know the dos and don’ts of your contest so as to avoid any confusion.

So make sure to be extra clever when running a contest. Also, never lose sight of the end goal, which is to create engagement. When done right

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