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7 Cool 3D Dragon Kites You Can Buy Right Now!

Sometimes we just need the simpler things in life. A quiet, breezy day can have a calming effect on the soul. What better addition to a day like that than a kite?! The wind in your face and a colorful beacon of hope reminding you that, you too, can fly high. Here are 7 cool 3D dragon kites you can buy right now, to take your mind off a hard day.

I’ve tried to fly kites with my kids multiple times. Even though we fail more than we fly, it still proves to be an amazing time. 

Melissa & Doug Winged Dragon Shaped Kite

Melissa & Doug is a trusted children’s brand. They make toys, games, puzzles and learning activities, and kites! This 3D dragon kite is sure to be a hit with your kids (or just you)! It has a 62 inch wingspan. The kite comes with 164 ft of kite line, so your dragon can fly high! 

AmaZing Kites 3D Nylon Orange Dragon Kite

This kite features vibrant colors and a smiling dragon face. It has a wingspan of 78 inches and comes with 500 ft of kite line. It’s recommended for flying in winds 7-18 mph. Reviewers say it is easy to put together and flies great!

WindNSun Super Size 3D Nylon Kite

Channel your inner Khaleesi and become the Mother of Dragons with this 3D dragon kite! It has a 76 inch wingspan and an open mouth that’s ready to devour your enemies. Or to catch the wind…

AmaZing Kites 3D Nylon Dragon Kite

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Here’s another amazing kite from AmaZing Kites! This one provides a darker aesthetic. He has a huge 80 inch wingspan and is over 6 ft long. You’ll be the king of the sky with this 3d dragon kite!

X-Kites Air Watch Dragon

This one is lighter in color but still fierce! It has a 76 inch wingspan and looks like it’s ready to attack. Its fiber glass frame is sure to stand up to the winds. 

X-Kites FlexWing Dragon Glider

Ok. This one isn’t a kite. It’s a glider. But it’s still cool. Throw it like a paper plane, and see how far it glides! 

WRENDYY Chinese Traditional Dragon Kite

If you’re looking for a real show stopper of a kite, this is it! This traditional Chinese dragon kite will be the star of the sky. It measures a whopping 7 meters long! That’s just under 23 feet! 

Flying a kite might seem like an out of place activity in today’s digital world, but sometimes we need simpler things. Grab yourself a kite, pack a picnic, and get some fresh air!

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