Watch: Tiny Rat Named Mr. Blik Play a Tiny Harmonica

TikTok is a place where you can lose yourself. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. In this case it’s a good, because I’ve stumbled upon the cutest video of a little rat playing the harmonica!

My boyfriend got the world’s tiniest harmonica from a close friend for his birthday. One day he got home from work and said we should try and let Mr. Blik play on it. With help of some sweet good honey, we created this song!

@SpaceCaptainz on TikTok

Spacecaptainz on TikTok shared the video that has now gone viral. The best part is they’ve now released Mr. Blik’s (The rat) original composition on Spotify!

The question I want to know is will this 15 minutes of fame get to Mr. Blik’s head? Will he tote a huge ego from now on? He seems down to earth enough in his other videos. I guess only time will tell. Follow Mr. Blik on TikTok here.


It’s not the best song but at least he tried! 🥺🎵 #ratsoftiktok #rat

♬ origineel geluid – ratscratch
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