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Lucky Charms All Marshmallows is a Childhood Dream Come True

Remember when you were little and you would spend what felt like hours picking out all of the marshmallows from your Lucky Charms cereal? Or how about how disappointing it is as an adult with kids to pour a bowl of your favorite cereal only to find that they’ve done exactly what you did as a kid and there are no marshmallows to be seen. Well now there is a product that will solve all your problems. Bags of JUST the marshmallows from Lucky Charms have returned to store shelves for a limited time.

Lucky Charms sent me a bag for review, and while I was skeptical at first, I found that I couldn’t put them down. I actually had my husband hide them from me and keep them out of reach of my daughter because I knew she’d go hunting. She told me “I’m eating these like popcorn” and I knew we had a marshmallow fiend in the works.

The Taste

You won’t find any surprises when you eat these. They ARE the marshmallows from the cereal. There’s no gimmick these are exactly what you would pick out of your bowl of cereal just to get a handful of the sugary goodness. If you add these in milk or any other liquid you’ll get the same slimy soft effect that eating them with breakfast gives you. So good!

Only 120 calories a serving!

Keep Going!
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One thing I couldn’t believe was that these were only 120 calories a serving. Each serving is 3/4 of a cup and that’s plenty of sugary goodness to last pretty much the whole day. I was excited to be able to feel like I was getting away with something while eating these magically delicious marshmallows.

Snack Ideas

So what can you do with these besides munch on them straight from the bag? You can put them in your coffee or hot cocoa. Top off some cupcakes or a birthday cake. You can literally do anything with these and they’d work. I’m telling you these little dehydrated marshmallows are a game changer for bakers and snackers alike.

My final thoughts are that if you love Lucky Charms you’ll need to try these at least once. I was fortunate enough to have tried them but now I’m hooked. I’m already checking the shelves when I go grocery shopping for more.

The treat will be available in stores nationwide. These are only around for a limited time now so you’ll want to stock up if you find them. Lucky for us the batches don’t expire until sometime in 2022!

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