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Monster Mash Cereal on Shelves NOW, New Song Hits Spotify

Back in May we were already excited for the Monster Mash cereal that would have all our favorite monsters mixed up in one bowl. Now I’m happy to report that you can get the cereal on store shelves now! This is all in celebration of their 50th anniversary for the famous monsters like Count Chocula or Boo Berry Ghost. They will also be including some discontinued monsters that we haven’t seen for nearly a decade.

The Monster Mash cereal release includes Count Chocula™, Boo Berry™, Franken Berry™, Frute Brute™, and Yummy Mummy (which haven’t been around for YEARS), all together in one bowl! 

There is also this official mocumentary, with a surprise appearance from Travis Barker, a longtime friend of the monster gang.

1 of 1,111

With the gang reuniting, the monsters creeped into the recording studio for an epic remake of the classic hit Monster Mash song. Listen to the ghoulishly good remake via Spotify here, and on MonsterMashCereal now. 

This cereal will be sold in all major grocery retailers for the Halloween season. As well as special throw back editions of the singular flavors. Each box will look like an older version of the beloved cereal.

Count Chocula 2021 retro
Franken Berry 2021 retro
Boo Berry 2021 retro

Pro Tip: If you want to save the boxes just fold them flat and you’ll have them forever. Takes up less space and then you can always reconstruct them for Halloween Decorations in years to come!

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