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Trolli Berry Lemonade Crunchy Crawlers Are Delicious And You Have To Try Some!

If you love regular sour gummy worms you’ll have to try these. These new Trolli Berry Lemonade Crunchy Crawlers were the perfect combination of crunchy and chewy. To be honest it was hard to get these away from my family in order to do the review!

When you bite into them you get the outer shell crunch with the soft inside. The texture kind of reminded me of a Nerds Rope but turned inside out. Oh and the shell was a bit softer than a Nerd would be. Kind of like if a Jelly Bean was only the shell.

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Each pack of Crunchy Crawlers Berry Lemonade features a sour gummi center and thin, crunchy candy shell. There are three new unique flavors – Blackberry-Lemonade, Raspberry-Fruit Punch and Blueberry-Lemonade. 

Each flavor is refreshing and light. It’s something that you can eat one by one or have a handful and let them all mix up in your mouth. I prefer the later.

If you want to try Trolli Berry Lemonade Crunchy Crawlers head over to Walmart stores who have them exclusively. If you don’t see them yet keep checking because they’re supposed to have them by early September.

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