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Cannabis Edibles Are Catching On- What To Know Before Trying Them

Cannabis has come a long way in recent years since its legalization in several states across the US. It no longer has a shady reputation for being a recreational substance that gets people high. It is a well-known medicinal aid today, with its legal status and scientific research validating its efficacy. The pandemic has done its bit to fuel the popularity of cannabis further, as the government included it in the essentials list. Moreover, thousands of Americans sought relief with this wellness aid to stay sane amid the lockdowns.

Not surprisingly, cannabis businesses have witnessed a boom in the last year, and the market is only getting bigger. There are more products in stores and online dispensaries around to attract users with different needs and expectations. The cannabis edible trend has made it big recently as users look for novel ways to experience the immense benefits they offer. But things are a bit different when you step into the world of ingestible products. Here are some things you need to know before trying them for the first time.

Understand the effects of edibles

If you have been smoking or vaping for years, you will have a specific image of the experience in your mind. It hits fast and offers instant relief from pain and anxiety. But cannabis edibles are a completely different ball game, even for seasoned smokers and vapers. The effects are not the same, even if you pick a product based on the same strain you smoke or vape. Edibles act slowly because the cannabinoids do not reach your bloodstream right away, as with inhalation or sublingual use. But the good thing is that the effects are more sustainable, and you can expect them to last. It makes these products ideal for users looking for slow yet lasting effects, recreational and medicinal.  

Determine if they are right for you

Edibles are great for sustainable and lasting relief from health conditions like pain and anxiety. They are helpful for insomniacs as they can keep you in deep slumber throughout the night. Still, these products may not necessarily be apt for everybody. Start by considering your expectations and conditions. You may read reviews, speak to other users, or even seek advice from a specialist to determine if they are right for you. Alternatively, you can take a hit-and-trial approach and decide whether you want to join the edible bandwagon.

Check the strain and composition 

When it comes to trying an edible, it is easy to go by the face value of the product. You have endless options to explore, from cookies to brownies, candies, gummies, chocolates, and more. But don’t take the products by their face value because they can hit hard, just like any other form of cannabis. Go through the product labels carefully and check the strain and composition. If you are a regular user, you will understand what to expect. For example, if you choose an edible infused with a high-THC strain like cereal milk strain, expect a strong, extended high. Newbies can talk to a budtender to seek a better understanding of products and labels. 

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Start with a low dose

As a rule, you must start low and go slow with cannabis in any form. It becomes even more vital if you plan to use edibles for the first time because you cannot be too sure about the effects. With these products, 5 mg of THC is regarded as a low dose. You can opt for an even lower dose as a first-timer who hasn’t tried cannabis in any form before. Things can get a little complicated because you will have to make some calculations with edibles. For example, you will have to divide the serving size into parts to ensure you stick to a safe dosage. It may be tricky as a beginner, but you can expect to learn the ropes sooner rather than later.  

Wait for the effects to set in

While you must follow the golden rule of low and slow with edibles, there is much more to understand the ideal dosage. These products take some time to start working, sometimes even up to two hours. It may be a challenge to wait this long if you are used to vaping or smoking. You will want to take a second dose for quick relief because that’s the way it works for you. It is easy to get frustrated or bored when the first dose simply doesn’t seem to work. But the last thing you should do is to load up a second helping of the edible. It can hit you hard, even if you are a seasoned user. With edibles, patience is the key, specifically during the initial experiences. Let it work, and you will master the game soon. 

Follow the storage guidelines

The final piece of advice for first-timers with edibles is about proper storage. While you have to follow some storage guidelines with cannabis in all forms, these products require extra care. Freshness and longevity are bound to be on top of your mind when it comes to storage. But you need to think beyond them. Imagine how enticing gummies and chocolates can be for your kids. You need to ensure they are out of sight and reach for them. Be careful about accessibility to pets and visitors as well. It is hard to handle a kid, pet, or even an adult who ingests cannabis edible accidentally. Make sure you store them in a cool, dry place where they aren’t accessible to anyone except you. 

Cannabis edibles promise a great experience for any user who wants to try something different. Not surprisingly, stores are selling them in high numbers these days. They also have an extensive variety on offer, so you will have something new to try every time you drop in. But responsible use is the key, just like with any other form of cannabis consumption. Follow these tips and facts, and you are all set to explore the incredible world of cannabis edibles. 

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