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Best Online Sports Games To Be Playing Right Now

Playing video games online has become one of the most popular activities around. Especially taking into account everything that has happened to the world because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that saw the world basically come to a screeching halt, playing video games online both as a hobby and as a profession, with sites even offering the chance to bet online for video gaming tournaments, it has become one of the most sought after undertakings. While shooting and fantasy themed sports have always taken a big place in popularity lists across the world, sports related video games always have a special spot in all gamers hearts.

But of course, it’s not all video games that pass the test as crowd favorites. While there are some titles that float around in the scene trying to cause a splash, there are others that are “must play” games for avid fans of gaming. Here are our top favorite online sports games to be playing right now to get your sports gaming fix on.

FIFA 2021

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Of course it would only make sense that the most popular sport in the world would have its official video game be one of the most popular sports related games in the market. The FIFA video gaming franchise, with their FIFA 2021 title making the rounds continues to impress and get soccer and gaming fans hooked with an ever growing array of improved graphics, game modes, story lines and options for playing online, be it alone, against strangers, with your friends or even in tournaments.

The FIFA video game franchise has been a staple for soccer gaming excellence ever since its debut in the early 90’s and it continues to amaze fans, young and old, who year in and year out always await the release of the new version. The perks and commodities that this game offers fans is almost unmatched by any sports game or any game regardless of the genre in the market, meaning that it literally is a bang for your buck. A must have for online sports game fanatics around the world and with the 2022 version set to hit the markets later in the year, another massive hit is expected.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

Anybody who’s ever either done a bit of skateboarding or has played skateboarding games knows about the immense legacy that the Tony Hawk video game series has. There’s no other way around it. This game had the perfect mix of adrenaline, ridiculous skating tricks, a great soundtrack and an all-around amazing experience. After the THPS took a hiatus from giving skating and video game fans their much needed fix, Vicarious Visions, the producers of the game came back with a new version that has rocked and of course exceeded all of the fans’ expectations.

Long gone are the grimy graphics, slow transitions and lack of abilities and variations to further improve the flow of the game. One of the most beloved sports video gaming franchises ever has returned and it allows online gamers to play with better graphics, improved game modes, of course top of the line updated tricks and everything else any online video gaming fan who loves the THPS series will want out of it. We might not know it, but the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game coming back is something we might have needed all along.

Lonely Mountains Downhill

Considered by many online sports video gaming fans as one of the absolute best video games that has been horribly underseen or passed by the general public, Lonely Mountains Downhill is probably one of the most exciting titles out there and believe what is said, if you haven’t played it yet, go and do it as soon as possible. Yes, the graphics might not be the best, especially considering what online gamers are used to nowadays, but once you get your cube-man biker racing down any one of the four mountains in the game while trying to avoid a gruesome death, everything will stop mattering and fun will ensue. 

With each mountain the chances of a brutal demise are more and more present, but at the same time they work off perfectly as a learning curve and experience. Why you ask? Because the more times you run the routes, the more you’ll understand how you can beat your best times instead of sending yourself into a horrible death, playing it online, alone or with company can become addicting, but for all the right reasons, so go on, find it, play it, enjoy it, thank us later.

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