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Eli Roth’s “Fin” to Premiere on Discovery+ During Shark Week

Filmmaker Eli Roth is no stranger to bringing terrors and dark fears to the silver screen. He’s made a name for himself with the horror genre, as well as bringing elements into his other projects. This new one though, is something entirely different. If you’ll recall, Roth used to be one of the hosts for Discovery Channel’s iconic Shark Week. And now, he’s bringing that connection to dive deep into the world of shark fishing.

Fin” will be difficult for some audiences to view, as even this trailer contains graphic scenes of the aftermath of the shark fin fishing industry. So, if you are at all sensitive to seeing such things (and honestly, who isn’t?), you may want to avoid this project.

Roth has described “Fin” as the scariest film he’s ever made, as well as the most dangerous:

“Fin is the scariest film I’ve ever made, and certainly the most dangerous, but I wanted to send a message of hope to end this needless massacre of sharks. They keep our oceans clean to produce half our oxygen, and they deserve our respect and deserve to be saved, especially now when the shark fin sales ban is going before the house. It’s an honor to be joined by Leonardo DiCaprio to bring it to discovery+ audiences, and I couldn’t have done this film without the incredible support of Lionsgate and the amazing team at Pilgrim. I wanted to show the crisis from all sides and paired with an action campaign we can make the change necessary to protect them. Fifty years ago the world came together to save the whales, then we did it for dolphins, and recently for Orcas. It’s time to do the same for sharks, and time is running out.”

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Fin” will exclusively premiere on Discovery+ (Discovery’s streaming service) on July 13th during the 33rd Annual Shark Week, which runs from July 11th to July 18th.

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