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Proven Ways to Save Facebook Videos to a Phone or Computer

It is a well-known fact that Facebook these days is the most popular social media: it offers excellent possibilities to get in touch with your relatives and friends, build your targeted audience base and enlarge it more rapidly.

What is a FB? It is a chance to create stunning content, attract more traffic, leads, customers, clients, build rapport with the audience, boost your brand awareness, and other possibilities to grow your business.

Thus, more and more business accounts take their page content creation more seriously as it is their hallmark that makes them different from other accounts.

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Video creation is getting trendy on FB as it is the most effective way to draw on an audience and engage a new one. Colorful step-by-step guides, brief instructions, stunning travel videos, etc., are only some of the examples you may use to diversify your profile.


But how to download a video from Facebook? Imagine that you scroll through the newsfeed and suddenly come across excellent video content you wish to save into your device to enjoy later? 

Ok, you are free to keep it on FB itself (the platform allows you to bookmark a video) and view it anytime you visit your FB page. But what about saving videos into a phone or pc memory to browse there without going to FB, and where are Facebook videos saved after downloading. 

Ways to upload FB videos to a PC

Option 1. Web downloaders

This way of uploading is deemed to be the most time-saving as it does not require extra time for installation and logging in. And, besides, you may save videos without spending a penny.

Look how to upload videos to your pc. Here no art is needed. The only thing is to pick out the best downloader for you: Getfvid, Online Downloader, FrogJet, KeepVid,, etc.

Here we used KeepVid as an example (that is developed to save Twitter video content too). But the principle of saving is pretty the same in each online saver.

  • Open a tool with a browser;
  • Go to FB to choose a video and copy its link;
  • Paste the link into the tool and press a download button;
  • Choose quality for your video before finally saving it into your device.

Where are Facebook videos saved? You may indicate a location during video uploading, but usually, all videos are saved into the “Downloads” default folder.

Option 2. Via video address

This method does not involve using a third-party app, but it will take up a little more of your time than using online tools.

  • Right-click on a FB video and pick out “Inspect Element” (in some cases, it can be “View Page Source”).
  • Click on Ctrl+F or Command+F (for macOS) to load the search line.
  • Insert “.mp4” and copy the first marked URL after the “.mp4”.
  • Open a new browser page to insert the address and then press Enter.
  • Press on “Save video as” after right-clicking on it.

Ways to upload FB videos to a mobile

Option 1. Apps

To upload FB videos into your mobile, you may try third-party instruments like Friendly Social Browser (both for Android & Phone). It is not exactly a direct video saver, but it сan make FB easy to use, and it has a video saving feature.

Here is what you should do to get a video into your phone:

  • Launch the tool after its installation.
  • Click on “Add account” and pick out FB to log in to the platform from the Friendly app.
  • Then find a video you wish to keep and press on the download (cloud) icon located on the right bottom corner from a video (some videos require playback, and only then will the button appear).

Where are Facebook videos saved? The video will be uploaded into your phone memory/gallery.

Option 2. Screen recording

Some people prefer to use outdated but still traditional ways for video saving. And one of them is the in-build screen recording feature.

I would consider this method to be the last one worth using. Firstly, saving videos this way significantly degrades the video quality. Secondly, when recording a video this way, there can be notifications and other pop-ups (of course, this can be avoided by switching off all notifications and other things that can interfere with the video recording). But as a result, you’ll get not only a video in your “record”.

After all, it’s not a bad option in case you record videos purely for your archives. The screen recording button is located in phone Settings.

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