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Work Tables With Undershelf

Cutting tables are called so based on the process of cutting meat or other products that the chef prepares on the work surface. Choosing the right kitchen countertops is essential to the efficiency of your kitchen. Work tables with undershelf can easily help you to increase productivity at work. The bottom shelf is a great place for additional equipment, supplies and more.

Work tables with undershelf contribute to an increase in the productivity of cooks and their assistants in the conditions of current sanitary and hygienic standards. They are installed in blank shops, warehouse blocks, and other places to perform basic and additional operations. All owners of restaurants, cafes, canteens, and other catering establishments should buy such a device. 

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Structurally, any table can be made in any form, even according to the individual parameters of the customer. As in any technological equipment, there is an already formed range of typical tables. The assortment includes production tables without shelves, with one lower shelf, with two shelves, tables with built-in sinks, pedestal tables of various formats with hinged doors and drawers which are made from stainless steel.

Work tables with undershelves of different types 

The main purpose of stainless steel work tables with two undershelf is the processing and cutting of products during the cooking process. Also, the tabletop of this equipment can be used as an auxiliary means for temporary storage of accessories and tools.

Cutting tables do not differ in a special variety of characteristics, but the choice of a table should not be taken lightly. Copying material without an active link to the source is prohibited. Production tables can be of different types for each type of work in the production kitchen:

  • Production furniture made of stainless steel for cutting work can be completed with one, two or three shelves at the bottom at the request of the customer. 
  • If the kitchen does not yet have a refrigerator for meat or space is limited, a specialized table is perfect – the lower part of which is a freezer, and there are shelves for tools and spices above the work surface. 
  • Stainless steel work tables with undershelf can be perfect for saving kitchen equipment.
  • Production tables for flour works are made of various modifications, the table top is made of moisture-resistant hardwood, the frame is made of steel or stainless steel, and, if desired, an additional shelf with a polymer coating is completed.
  • Restaurant equipment for waste collection has a through hole for greater convenience.
  • Kitchen equipment for processing meat and fish, equipped with special perforated inserts made of steel and polyethylene, for convenient butchering of meat carcasses.
  • Industrial equipment for processing vegetables has a special design table top and sound-absorbing filling, as well as a polyethylene board.
  • The production table, which is used for washing or drying dishes, is equipped with a stamped or welded bath, the location of which is determined by the customer.

The cost of making a table entirely depends on several parameters. First of all, the material for the manufacture. Overall dimensions of the working surface of the table: width and length. 

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