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This 3D Printed Snorlax Google Nest Holder is Absolutely Adorable

Ok so I’m going to need three of these! An adorable Google Home Mini/ Google Nest holder shaped and painted like a Snorlax! That’s right- the big sleepy Pokémon is here to help you cradle your Google Home in the most adorable way ever.

Snorlax was already one of my favorite Pokémon. He’s pretty much a kindred spirit. But now that I can get one that’s not only cute but also functional? Take my money!

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The item is 3D printed and is painted with acrylic paints. It also comes in an unpainted version. 3DTopiaUS also has a lot of other cool 3D printed items available if you want to check them out. And when I say “cool” I mean things like Totoro, Baymax and other Pokémon for holding your devices.

You can check out the listing for Snorlax here.

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