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Queer Twitter Hilariously Responds to Netflix’s “Q-Force” Teaser

Netflix has released the first teaser for its new adult animated comedy, and it isn’t quite getting the reception they expected. “Q-Force” showcases the adventures of a team of stereotypically overt queer super-spies, solving crimes and being fabulous. While the creators of the show excitedly unveiled it with much ado about the shows supposed inclusion and representation, Twitter’s queer community were not so charmed with the shows clear use of over-sexualization and stereotyping.

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While many responses enjoyed poking fun at the trailer, many responses called out the dangers and disrespect in the shows apparent highlighting of harmful stereotypes and hypersexualization of a community that constantly struggles with being misrepresented.

While Netflix clearly intended “Q-Force” to be a comedy celebrating queer culture, all the good intentions and self-aware jokes in the world don’t help if, in the end, you end up perpetuating the same tired, harmful stereotypes that have been used against the queer community for so long.

All 10 episodes will premiere on September 2nd, 2021 only on Netflix.

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