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Quarantine Home Offices of Michael Scott, Don Draper, and More

The pandemic threw everyone off. People who were secure in the routine of going to work in an office everyday suddenly got thrown for a loop. The folks over at decided that they wanted to create what the work spaces of some popular fictional characters looked like. But where would they choose for these offices and who would they choose to focus on?

While some people had to use places like walk in closets or even nothing at all (see fancy Zoom backgrounds), others were able to do something a little more productive in their home offices. If it’s the getting out of bed and getting ready that sets you up for a positive work day then what better than to have a garden shed you can venture out into. painstakingly went through all the images they could find of these character’s work spaces to design what they thought their home offices would look like. See if you can find all the Easter eggs they put in there for fans of the shows!

Artify – Square

Michael Scott’s office (“The Office” US)

Mr. Burns’ office (“The Simpsons“)

Don Draper’s office (“Mad Men“)

Keep Going!
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Duke of Hastings’ (Simon Basset’s) office (“Bridgerton“)

Leslie Knope’s office (“Parks and Recreation“)

Dumbledore’s office (“Harry Potter“)

Now I’m not so sure about how they would have constructed these but they sure are pretty! Of course the only one I disagree with is Dumbledore who would have had floo powder and the ability to go anywhere and work.

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