iFun Screen Recorder: The Simple Screen Recorder You Are Looking For

Have you ever wondered how I am able to record my screen? Did you have a web class you wanted to record or a neighborhood of your favorite movie or game? Many Youtubers are using screen recorder tools to record the videos of games and lectures which they afterward post on their channels. Do you think it’s hard to seek out a right thanks to recording your screen?

In fact, it’s very easy. In this article, we’ll discuss the way to record your screen without spending any money. Yes, we’ll discuss ways to record screens without buying any tool or app.

Free Screen Recording:

There are many of us out there who buy expensive recorders to record videos of their screens. These are heavy applications or software that take up a large space of your computing system and take some time. But there may be a free from cost tool which is straightforward to handle, efficient and assists you to record a top quality video. You don’t need to download it on your PC, so there’ll be no space issue. It’s free from cost and a web screen recording tool. Also, iFun Screen Recorder with its many advanced features which other screen recording apps and tools lack can easily teach you how to record screen on Windows 10. 

Following are the features of iFun Screen Recorder:

1. Customized Recording:

You can record any area of your screen as you desire. There’s no limitation of recording the whole screen. You’ll simply drag the mouse to the area you would like to record and it’ll help record only that desirable portion. Unlike other tools and apps, the free online screen recorder provides the customized screen recording tool to form their users’ record more easily.

2. Unlimited Recording:

You can record a video with no time limitation. You’ll record a video of a few seconds to many hours. Some tools don’t provide this feature of unlimited recording and users can’t record videos quite an hour long. 

3. HD video with no watermark:

There are many tools on the internet that either record video in inferiority or put a watermark on your video. Besides those tools required downloading and installing. iFun Screen Recorder provides a specialized free screen recorder that records HD videos with no watermark. 

4. Face cam Recording:

iFun Screen Recorder also provides a face recording tool. It provides the users with a face cam function and allows them to record their faces while making the video. This feature helps professors in recording their lectures, students in making their presentations and Youtubers to elucidate the content of their videos.

5. No lagging while recording:

iFun screen recorder not only provides HD videos but also optimizes the recorder so there’s no lagging while you record your HD screen video. It helps in making a smooth and tension free video. 

6. Sound recording feature:

It helps in recording audio together with your videos. The audio recorder is nearly as good as the screen recorder. It helps in recording every word and syllable with no distortion. Thus help in making free top quality video with high voice quality.

7. Video Editing:

It also provides a web video editing tool during which you create amendments in your videos and add texts etc. The video editing tool is efficient and straightforward to use with none watermark.

8. Multiple Convert Options: 

It also provides different output options. You’ll convert your recorded video in 12 different formats. You’ll choose the format you discover most appropriately consistent with your needs.

What’s more, IObit also has another powerful tool iFun Screenshot. With this tool, you can take and edit PC screenshots faster and easier.

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