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Animorphs or Multiple Man: Live Broadcast Encounters Technical Glitch

No that’s not a relative of Jamie Madrox we’re looking at. In fact, it has nothing to do with Multiple Man at all, unfortunately. Instead what we witnessed was meteorologist Jennifer McDermed giving a weather report on Fox 9 in Minneapolis–St. Paul. It was during her regular forecast that a technical glitch created clones of the broadcaster.

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For big kids like me who enjoyed reading things like Marvel growing up it’s quite a delight to see this happen onscreen. Now if we can get Disney/Marvel to figure out the same effects we’re halfway to a X-Men movie.

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On another note who would you like to see as Multiple Man in a Marvel film? Back in 2017 there was a rumor that it would be James Franco but odds are pretty good that’s not happening anymore if it ever was.

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