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Cheez-It 100th Anniversary Cakes Have Entire Box Inside!

You know what happens when someone opens a box of Cheez-its in my house? They disappear! No really, within hours, a full box of the delicious crackers are just gone and dinner is pretty much ruined. That’s ok though, because even though it’s probably not the healthiest choice, it doesn’t happen all that often. Only when I forget to put the box on the high shelf so my kids can’t get to it.

What would be even more tempting than the box of delicious cheesy crackers? How about a gourmet cake made with an entire box? “Top Chef” winner Stephanie Izard (the first female winner!) created a cool mashup of Cheesy delight and caramel with a splash of Nesquick to give it an even more nostalgic taste.

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Kelloggs Cheez-Its

“We use an entire box of large Cheez-It crackers in every cake!”

“We make Cheez-It flour, Cheez-It shortbread crumble on the inside, dulce caramel white chocolate Cheez-It crackers—all-in-all, I would say it’s at least half Cheez-it. We added cheddar caramel and flavored the red icing with Nesquik to give it a sweet, nostalgic flavor that goes nicely with the saltiness of the Cheez-It crackers.”

Stephanie Izard
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Where can you get one?

The Kelloggs brand teamed up with Stephanie’s Chicago bakery and sweets shop, Sugargoat. You’ll be able to order the Cheez-Itennial Cake and it can be delivered nationwide! The service that is selling the cakes is Goldbelly, and will be launching them May 17th at noon ET. That’s 9am for all you west coasters.

Kelloggs Cheez-Its

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