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Samuel L. Jackson Celebrates May the 4th with Mace Windu T-shirts

May the 4th has become, in recent years, the official “Star Wars” day. Sure, maybe it should’ve been the original release date for the film (May 25th, 1977) but we like a good play on words. One of our favorite things every year is to see who gets really into the day. Companies, celebs- everyone loves the galaxy far, far away.

Like Samuel L. Jackson. Not ONLY did he get to play a Jedi Master in the prequel films, but he also got to chose the color of his lightsaber. As we all know, Jackson picked purple for Mace Windu. (Whom, we have to add, Jackson says is still alive, even after Order 66.) This morning, Jackson shared two photos on his Instagram showing off his shirts for today.

His smile really says it all.

We really love this one though. A “Star Wars,” “Pulp Fiction” mashup is exactly the kind of thing we’d expect from Jackson:

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So, May the 4th be with you. Enjoy “Star Wars” Day!

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