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iGaming Industry in 2021 – Interview with Lukas Mollberg

iGaming has become a big part of the gaming industry in recent years, with online casinos, sports betting sites, poker rooms, and other types of iGaming operators continue to bring exciting new products to the market.

As the technology continues to advance, so too does the iGaming industry it powers. We talked to Lukas Mollberg, an industry insider and the person behind expert sites such as about the current trends in the iGaming world, the technologies being used in it, and what we can expect to see in iGaming in 2021 and years to come.

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Hello and thank you for having me. The iGaming industry covers a wide range of different games and gaming types. You have casino games, sports betting, poker, bingo, but also live casino games and virtual reality games that are becoming more available as time passes by.

These are all games where players can gamble real money, but they really don’t have to. In fact, a great number of social iGaming sites are proving to be a massive success, and players can’t play for real money on those sites. Games like roulette, blackjack, or slots are simply massively fun to play regardless of what’s at stake.

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The trend in iGaming has been towards slots and live casino games for the most part. Slot games offer so much variety and they are insanely fun to play even when there is no stake. Some of the slots being developed in recent months are as fun to play as any arcade video game you will find out there, and that really makes them attractive to the masses.

Live casino is also something that is becoming more advanced by the day. We are talking about casino games streamed from studios in which real dealers deal out cards or spin roulette wheels in a proper casino environment. These games give players that unique feeling you get from playing at a casino, and nothing can really replace that.

What are the next steps for the iGaming industry? Are there new game types or methods of playing that we can expect to become a hit in the coming months and years?

The one trend that’s really been overtaking the industry is mobile gaming. More and more players are using their phones or tablets to enjoy iGaming, with PCs becoming secondary devices in this world. It’s just so easy and convenient to play on your phone that there is little reason to be tied up at your computer.

The iGaming software developers have been doing a lot to try and integrate their games into the virtual reality trend. We now have some slot games that can be played on VR devices, along with an option to play live casino games via VR. These aren’t fully available to the masses just yet, but as time goes by we should see the VR tech develop more and such games should also become more available.

Thank you for giving us the rundown of what’s current in iGaming and let’s hope we can talk more about it in a little while as new breakthroughs come along. 

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