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‘Disaster Girl’ Sells NFT of Famous Meme for $473k

Remember Disaster Girl? It was a meme of a kid smirking in front of a burning building. Well the girl in the photo just sold the image as an NFT for 180 Ethereum, the equivalent to about $473,000.

NFTs are the hottest new thing and people are either embracing it or just cant seem to get their heads around it. It seems everyone has one including brands and artists. When Zoe found out that she could make six figures off of the image that had been once circulated beyond her control she was curious.

Zoe Roth‘s dad had taken the picture of her in January 2005. They had lived next to a fire station and they took the image in front of a controlled burn that they’d set to clear the land. The image was famous for the look on the girls face that said “it was me, and I’d do it again.” Her father entered the photo in a contest and won which allowed them to upload the image online. After it hit the internet it was history in the making.

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Disaster Girl Meme

She had received an email in February stating that it was possible. Her and her father who took the image carefully considered it and then agreed to do it. They listed the token at 6pm on April 16th and waited. Eventually the account @3fmusic officially bought up the image for 180 Ethereum.

According to Zoe, she finally feels like she has control over the image that has been shared millions of times. Zoe is now 21, and a senior at UNC Chapel Hill College.

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