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Alton Brown Announces Signature Coffee Blend- The Multitasker

Fans of personality Alton Brown know his love of multitasking kitchen tools. Especially when you can really utilize the item across the kitchen and bar. This is why his newest announcement is exciting, and kinda awesome.

Get ready to have a nice tall cuppa The Multitasker! Featuring beans from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Sumatra, The Multitasker is a city blend, which usually means dark.

Here’s what Alton Brown had to say about The Multitasker:

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Meet “The Multitasker,” my signature coffee blend
from the folks at Batdorf & Bronson

Designed for brewing via multiple methods from pour over to electric drip, mocha pot, or French press, this is as close to a multitasking coffee as I can get. While all the beans are harvested from the same variety of tree (arabica), the differences in terroir, that is where and how they’re grown, harvested, and processed means each brings distinct characteristics to the cup.

So, here’s the parts list: 60% Nicaraguan, 25% Costa Rica, and 15% Sumatra.

To preserve the beans’ individuality, we’re only roasting them to “full city” so they’re not as dark as say an “espresso roast,” and yet, they still make darned fine espresso. My favorite method: a simple pour over, and here’s the recipe.

To me the flavor reminds me of toffee, black cherries, toasted sesame seeds, and just a dash of old library book … in a good way.

You can order your own bag of The Multitasker from BatDorfCoffee here. And please, let us know how it is!

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