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Top 5 Worst Countries Which Are Not Ready For Remote Work

The coronavirus pandemic has created a peculiar phenomenon. Many employers suddenly discovered that remote work has many advantages for enterprises. Pros start from reducing the number of jobs to greater employee mobility.

Small countries decided to take advantage of this. For them, freelancers are a huge boost for the economy.  They receive money from somewhere outside, but at the same time spend it inside the country. Seems like a very profitable option. Thus, these countries have decided to issue long-term visas for a certain category of visitors.

But such countries are not always a great place for remote workers.

They often do not have enough infrastructure to meet the needs of freelancers. how to determine the best country to work in? There are a few indicators.

How To Find The Best Country To Work Remotely

Being remote ready for a country means meeting at least 5 criteria. They are:

  1. At least a decent public Wi-Fi. Thought, for your data safety, always remember to use proxy servers when working via public network;
  2. Safe and cheap places to work in. Cafes with sockets, or co-workings, for example.
  3. Affordable housing. Better if it also is available short-term and not hard to find;
  4. Good transportation system;
  5. Alien-friendly healthcare system.

Of course, an ideal country with the best infrastructure possible does not exist. Plus, everyone has their own subjective preferences. For example, a warm climate, or a lot of nature parks to spend weekends in. Yet, without at least satisfactory points on this criteria, a country is not remote ready at all.

Not Ready For Work – Pandemic Effects

Pandemic also has affected some countries more than others. Remote working from countries which are on lockdown is not a pleasant experience. So, before deciding to part for a country, first check the pandemic stats here.

For example, the majority of Europe is still battling COVID and has a lot of strict rules. Thus, working here now is like working from your home couch, but more expensive.

Asian countries with poor healthcare systems are also not the best place during the pandemic. If you want to work close to the sea, at least draw your attention to bigger cities there.

Worst Countries For Remote Work

Remote work can be a dream opportunity. Even studying remotely from a warm country is better than from your usual apartment. And you always can choose one of best essay writing services, which will do your coursework while you enjoy the country.

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But the expectation of a paradise can be crushed by the reality of a country you arrived in.

So, in any case, before booking a flight, check this list of the worst countries to freelance in. 


Some say that Cambodia is like Thailand 20 years ago, when it was not spoiled by crowds of tourists. But street crime rates are 5 times higher here than in neighboring Asian countries. Gangs of beggars are also not the best addition.

Still, people come here not only to see the temple complex of Angkor Wat, but also to work near the beaches of Sihanoukville. Some freelancers are truly not afraid of local peculiarities. But the lack of infrastructure – except for some tourist places – and few public Wi-Fi places do not make Cambodia a desirable remote work country.


A country with rich culture and nature – but not fit for remote working at all. It has quite a high cost of living – 5 795 $ per month.

The fastest Internet you can get here is 1 Mbps connection. Though it is not the most dangerous country, it is strongly not advised for women to go there. And, of course, there are little to no public places for calm working. If you want to work remotely from Africa, it is better to choose another country. South Africa or Morocco will be a better fit.


Scandinavia is a dream place for tourism – but is it the best for remote working? If you are considering temporary moving to Norway, think twice. One of the highest costs of living in the world, harsh climate, and a harsh procedure for getting a temporary stay visa. The prices for everything here are overwhelming – it is almost 100% that you will need to spend more than you are earning. Consider going there as a tourist, and look for another remote work place.


A climat and the infrastructure here is among the best in the world. Yet, it is quite a harsh country for remote workers. First, getting a long-stay visa for a woman without a husband or kids is nearly impossible. Second, the cost of living is again very high. Plus, this country is not so welcome for foreigners. And there are a lot of strict rules that you may not know about – but the fines for breaking them are astronomical.


Latin American vibe attracts a lot of interest. Mexico, indeed, has a lot of tourist attractions, beautiful nature and a lot of beaches. Yet, working remotely from here is not always the wisest choice. The only good infrastructure in the country is for the tourists. Overpricing comes in hand with this, of course. Plus, safety is totally not about Mexico. If you want to experience Latin countries, draw your attention to Argentina or Chile.

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